Eleni Uhoissatsana from Cyprus comes to terms with her nostalgia by making collages composed of her memories.

I was told I should publish more of my art but I never did, thinking that my scribbles are not worth the attention. Then I realized I had something to say, about myself…

Henry Buckley (a.k.a. Young Buckley) from Tokyo made a mixtape in honor of the late Rei Harakami, a Japanese electronic music composer.

I made this mix as a personal tribute to Rei Harakami, an electronic music composer from Kyoto, Japan. I first encountered Harakami’s music on Youtube and was immediately drawn to his unique soundscapes.

Although his music was detailed and complex, the sounds were still accessible to me, they felt welcoming and made me want to explore more of his works. This also led me to explore the world of electronic music in general. He produced seven albums throughout his career, each of which I believe is well worth a listen. He passed away in 2011.

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Daisy Wakefield (Bergen) writes about using her art to break taboos.

I have always gravitated towards making feminist artwork, discussing taboo topics such as menstruation, in order to question the viewer’s discomfort. Over a year ago I encountered one major conversation that isn’t happening enough in society: the discussion of STI’s.

By the age of 25, 7/10 people will have caught 1 of 2 types of herpes. 63% of new chlamydia diagnoses are made in those aged under 25. In summary, they’re pretty fucking common, so why is no one talking about how human this is?

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Caitlin Cassidy (Melbourne) reflects on finding home in people, not places.

In winter Amsterdam’s canals froze over and the streets became laden with snow. Children in puffer jackets made drooping snowmen in the parks, standing side by side, proud and tall by the benches. …

Inspired by British Mother’s Day, we had over fifty people from all around the world tell us one thing they learned from their mothers. We also made a very special Mother’s Day playlist, listen while you read.

My mother taught me…

…that there was nothing to fear. Hellen, São Paulo, 47

…to seek beauty…

Lily Morgan (Brighton) writes on how zenism enhances her creative powers

For a long time, my work has been inspired by the Japanese philosophy of aesthetics: Wabi-sabi teaches us that imperfections, impermanence, and incompletion are the very essence of beauty. …

Asher Breuer-Weil (London) contests the lumping together all non-Western genres under one limiting term. He has kindly made us this playlist of songs that might be considered ‘World’ Music. Listen to while you read.

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘world music?’ I imagine that it’s anything…

Maja and Jonathan have a hobby of recycling words. By hand, they cross out poems by others, to create their own on top of them.

To us the @blackoutpoet project is a fun hobby, a way of relaxing — it’s almost like meditating sometimes, sitting with a book page in…

Bas van Bemmelen (a.k.a. Batobe) from Utrecht turned his rejection into music.

After a girl cancelled a planned second date, I decided to turn the negative into something positive and use the few hours I would have been on a date with her into making a piece of music.


Francesca Newton (Bristol) examines the age-old ‘saint or sinner’ binary in the depictions women in art.

My degree in Classics and English Literature taught me that portrayals of women in Western literature essentially come down to two Biblical characters: Eve and Mary. Women are either sexualized devils or chaste saints.

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