Prepare yourself we are going very deep!

Okay, today I’m not going to make you cry to start the tutorial. Let’s see what’s up with our today’s coding plan:

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Well you can see where I’m going with this, but don’t worry guys, actually that’s how our ancestors used to make wealth (not mine of course!). They would steal dragon eggs, sell the big ones for Omelette breakfast and the small ones … Well since are not proper for a good Omelette would be sold to potential mother of dragons (or father maybe).

Well, since you ignored the last paragraph I’m going to repeat it here, we are going to steal lots of dragon eggs, pick big ones for Omelette and small ones for Khaleesi, clear? Good. Now before starting to code I’m going to let you watch her for inspirational purposes only. …

JavaScript With Dragons: Learning call() And apply() Methods In Depth

By: Pooria Atarzadeh

It’s the first article of a series called JavaScript With Dragons! In this series I’m trying to cover some intermediate to advanced techniques while writing examples related to dragons. The point of using creature’s names while learning, is to make the understanding of concepts easier and of course it is much more fun!

Anyway a couple of days ago I was surfing in Quora that as a daily routine I encountered an amazing topic. It was titled:

How Do You Judge A JavaScript Programmer By Only Five Questions?

These topics are usually filled with interview questions like what is the result of 10 + ‘20’ which are essential to know, but for some people prompt the question that am I considered a better developer by knowing how my code acts in stupid conditions?


Pooria Atarzadeh

Life is too short to drink crappy coffee (Matthew Healy). Self driven, motivated, ambitious and player of his own game.

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