The startups of the next ten years

In terms of living in the future, I believe that we will see companies that take advantage of very-fast connections between end users and people with knowledge and expertise. I believe that Crowd Intelligence and Search will be a huge efficiency to be cultivated before Deep Learning gains end-to-end traction. Harnessing the power of the smart crowd is right there in front of us, extremely underutilized.

I believe that Crowd Intelligence organizational algorithms beat the very best ML algorithms in search along many axes that matter: fast realtime answers to many classes of problems. I’m taking variants of Jelly or Fountain. But I believe we are in the early days of a new kind of search.

Strap on a smart dispatching layer to the right experts (and enough of an expert pool that can provide smart answers quickly; there’s a coefficient to be discovered for different classes of questions), organize an intelligent scatter-write assignment of questions or ‘challenges’ to various different ‘expert’ users, add realtime up-voting/down-voting of answers (i.e., sifting great answers on a mobile device in realtime so that users get immediate feedback), allow expert users to earn their reputation via other users with high reputation (PageRank) and a tagging system of specialities (StackOverflow, Quora) and you provide a new level of immediate intelligence for end users.

Twitter for question and organized answers. Google for large swaths of questions that take you 5–30 minutes to Google. The four core pieces being: client, dispatcher, reputation management, and solution propositioning.

I believe all the pieces are at 70% — all walking around unaware and that they can be tied together and elevated into a truly great user experience.

They need to be brought together in an extremely cogent way. We need to create the first Apple model of Crowd Intelligence, designed intelligently in the backend and extremely intuitively in the front end.

What song is this? Hum, mumble lyrics. Where is this from? Take a photo. What type of bird is this? Take a photo. What is causing this to rattle under my car’s exhaust pipe? Take a video, record audio. What type of coffee table should I buy? Take some photos, add some questions. I think we will see those questions that previously took anywhere from 5 minutes to a week to answer folded into 5 seconds to a minute.

And I believe those are the startups of the next 10 years to watch.

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