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  • Richard Rutter

    Richard Rutter

    Cofounder of @clearleft, author of @WebTypography, designer of digital things. Please patronise responsibly.

  • Nik Knight

    Nik Knight

    Find me at nikknight.co.uk

  • Saif Rehman

    Saif Rehman

    Software Engineer @ IBM. — Writer at https://www.engineerability.com

  • AWS Startups

    AWS Startups

    Amazon Web Services Startup Program. Follow @AWSstartups.

  • Andrei Anisimov

    Andrei Anisimov


  • Vivienne Chen

    Vivienne Chen

    Communications & Media Manager at Kadena.io

  • Vlad Zamfir

    Vlad Zamfir

    Absurdist, troll.

  • Trent McConaghy

    Trent McConaghy

    @OceanProtocol, AI, data, Web3, #TokenEngineering, @TokenSPICE. www.trent.st @trentmc0

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