Channel Authority Builder 2 Review + Awesome Bonus Of 2017

Today I am making a detailed review of a special software called Channel Authority Builder . I am extremely impressed with what this software does.

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Channel Authority Builder 2 Review + Awesome Bonus Of 2017

A great way to build the authority of your channel and ensure more traffic is to respond to YouTube. The idea behind this is to leave quality and relevant review comments about other people’s videos related to your niche. We do not want to be reviewed as spammy, so make sure your comments are relevant!

Channel Authority Builder 2 gives you the opportunity to express your expertise or personal opinion on a particular topic. In my review, I would definitely recommend you to watch the actual video you want to leave a comment and then browse some of the existing comments by other users. If someone has placed a question or misunderstood the content in the video, it’s your time to shine!

Here you build your channel authority and when a user clicks on your YouTube display name, they lead directly to your channel. Channel Authority Builder 2 will undoubtedly also review and build a massive tribe of loyal fans and subscribers.

I do not recommend to leave a link to your channel or YouTube videos in your comment (unless it’s very, very relevant) because it can be reviewed as spammy.

In addition, the author of the video may refuse your comment if your commentary appears visual. So remember, if you want to leave some kind of reviews, it must be constructive!

Following Channel Authority Builder 2 , Another way to get more traffic to your YouTube video is by sharing on social platforms. You can also share your review video on Q & A sites or forums by embedding your videos into a post. Remember, where you choose to place it, it must be relevant!

Why is it so important to have a strong call for action?

Channel Authority Builder 2 Review

As you get more videos, they will automatically climb the rankings. That’s because your videos rank YouTube takes into account user retention and user engagement statistics of your videos. You can review this information from your YouTube Analytics section in your Channel Authority Builder 2 account.

Therefore, it is so important to have strong appeal to action to build user retention and involvement. Make sure you send your viewers exactly in your review video to whatever you want.

According Channel Authority Builder 2 ‘s Vendor, Ask them to keep / share / subscribe to your channel if they want to be up to date with your latest video. Ask them to leave a comment if they have constructive feedback for you or if they want to share their personal review about a particular topic.

If you also have a link in your description box, make sure you tell them to click on it. Another way to sneak into a call to action is to include annotations in your video. Finally, you can also use YouTube cards to show your viewers to watch your other related videos in your channel.

How do you rank your YouTube video on Google using Channel Authority Builder 2

The beauty of placing YouTube videos on Google is that YouTube is a high-quality authority website. This means that Google will review YouTube’s pages as reliable and therefore a YouTube video can be classified a little easier than a completely new blog.

So all you have to do is build your page authority using Channel Authority Builder 2 by sending high quality related back links to your videos. This way you build the visibility of your video.

If you wish more resources, I strongly encourage you to check the Creator Academy. Using Channel Authority Builder 2 functions, Here you can literally review about every aspect of YouTube marketing, including how to captivate your audience with your camera and lighting and how to measure your success on YouTube.

That’s the end of this YouTube Marketing Mini Series. At this time, you must have enough knowledge to go there and set up your own channel with Channel Authority Builder 2 help, make videos, optimize your review videos to rank both YouTube and Google, and grow your YouTube channel.

Google uses the authority of your channel as a basis for the ranking of your individual videos. How is the channel reviewed ? We will talk about the YouTube Interaction category.

You check your content — how much it’s optimized, how often you publish videos, how relevant your tags, titles and descriptions are, how to promote, etc. This means you have your authority.

Incoming Links
In my Channel Authority Builder 2 review, i think that It’s no surprise that Youtube uses inbound links to video as a ranking factor, much like how Google uses incoming links as a ranking factor.

What most people do not know is that in Youtube SEO, you need to build links to the video you want to rank and to your Youtube channel:

This uses the ability of your channel (previously discussed) and the authority of your individual video.

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