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Hey guys, tomorrow A new course by Phil Blackwell and Stephen Gilbert, called “Flipside Profits” will be officially released. I am writing a detailed Flipside Profits Review And Share Best Bonus For You !


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My friend Phil makes a living flipping websites (not domains, but sites). He builds simple sites and sells them to different categories of buyers. He makes on average around $2–3k upfront per sale. And often he also gets some recurring revenue from those sales ($200 / year, all the way up to $1k / month).

It doesn’t take him long to do. Only a few hours of work per each successful transaction.

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Step 3: I will draw 5 winners 1 hour before launch and will email you with winner details and how you can claim the prize

Use Our Flipside Profits Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

Flipside Profits Review

This is a REAL business model. Not some here-today-gone-tomorrow “CPA Loophole”. This is what ALL of Phil’s students are saying — that wow, finally I have a real business.

Phil has been working this model for several years. He’s a full time marketer and this is the only thing he does.

He doesn’t make his money launching products or doing affiliate marketing or CPA or anything else. He makes a full-time income from building simple 5-page sites and then flipping them for several thousand each.

The only other course he ever launched was in 2015 which focused on similar techniques. That course since 2015 has created dozens and dozens of success stories (you can see their testimonials on the sales page). That course is closed for sale now.

Since 2015, Phil has developed even more skills and techniques. And this time, 2 years later, he has approached us to reopen his updated training.

Inside, he shows 3 main models:

  • Model 1: Finding niches where it’s easy to rank a site on Page 1 in 1–2 weeks. Ranking a site. Then selling it or renting it to interested parties (for example to physios, plumbers, roofers etc)
  • Model 2: Finding clients first who need a site, getting paid upfront and building a simple site for them
  • Model 3: Finding clients who have an outdated site and need a mobile-optimized site, building a mobile site for them in a few clicks and selling it to them

All these are done ONLINE (no cold calling required), Phil shows how to prospect online for all these deals.

Inside we have several hours of high quality training covering all these aspects.

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Flipside Profits Pricing & OTOs:

Earlybird will be $24.95 and after that the price will go by a few dollars every 12 hours, until it reaches $37 and will stay there.

  • Opens May 12th at 9am US Eastern:
  • Early Bird 9am: $24.95 first 6 hours
  • Early Bird Second Chance from 3pm: $25.95 for 9 hours till midnight
  • May 13th at 00:00am: $27
  • May 13th at 12:00pm: $29
  • May 14th at 00:00am: $31
  • May14th at 12:00pm: $33
  • May 14th at 11:59:59pm: Launch pricing closes, price goes to $37 permanently.

Here is the information on the OTO’s / upgrades:

OTO1 is “Profit Accelerator” optional pack, $67 and contains:

  • 300+ done for you easy niches
  • Advanced Training — we will show how to profit even before flipping
  • Graphic Pack — high quality, custom produced graphics to make the website looking attractive, easily
  • Done For You Themes — high converting, proven themes for the website that take just 2 minutes to install
  • Done For You plugins — all the plugins that you will need to set up the site as quickly as possible
  • Additional no-pitch webinar training

OTO 2 is Done For You Sites, $197 and contains:

  • 3 Done For You sites — we build them for you, and all they have to do is sell them or rent them!
  • Exclusive, LIVE Training Sessions
  • Exclusive “Invite Only” Facebook Mastermind Group — where you will be able to learn additional techniques and to mastermind with others

OTO3 is Case Studies, $47 and contains:

  • You will be able to get complete access to 3 amazing case studies
  • Phil will show exactly how he came up with 3 flip ideas
  • Which niches he went after
  • Which simple 5-page sites he built
  • What he did to develop those sites and how fast it was
  • How he then sold them for $1-$3k and rented them for $200-$600/month

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If you pick it up through my link, you will get these bonuses:

BONUS 1: Turnkey Profit Machines Build a Proven $10/month profit machine

Flipside Profits focuses on building and flipping sites. But there’s another GREAT way to make money by developing your sites a bit further and holding them, then monetizing them with some amazingly simple products. Learn exactly how a site like that can make you upwards of $3k a month! And once you’ve built it up to that level — you can then flip it using Flipside Profits for a big 5-figure amount.

BONUS 2: Social Traffic Alchemy

Using the training in Flipside Profits, you will have NO problems making your first sale in seven days. However, we have used this as a way to SPEED up the selling process by sending even MORE traffic to these offers. In Social Traffic Alchemy, we show you how to send tens of thousands of visitors to your flippa pages and make HUGE flips that you NEVER Thought was possible.

BONUS 3: Meteor Comet — One Page Website on Page One of Big Google?

We are going to show you how to get a TON of organic traffic to your flips as well. With Flipside Profits, you get a ton of organic traffic by just doing the method itself. But by combining Social Traffic Alchemy with my patented simple one page website ranking method called Meteor Comet, you get an even BIGGER boost in traffic. More traffic, means more people that wanna buy your site, meaning you’ll make a TON more money just by having bidding wars. It also means faster sales.

BONUS 4: Arbitrage Sugardaddy: currently selling for $27.00, POTD winner

Based on a proven case study, shows how anyone can turn their “hidden” skills into $200+ a day. One of the 3 models shown inside Flipside Profits is how find buyers for your services (simple site, logo designs etc). Arbitrage Underdog shows how this concept has been taken to 6-figure businesses be a couple of marketers.

BONUS 5: Snap Video Profits Strategy Training: Currently selling for $12.00

Based on Greg Kononenko’s and Stephen Gilbert’s business model. You will learn how they rank review-style videos for easy, buyer keywords, for simple passive profits in excess of over $100k a year each.

BONUS 6: Snap Affiliate Profits Traffic Course, sold for $17.00

Based on a case study showing how to get Bing Traffic for $0.02 — $0.10 per click in nearly any niche, and how to then convert that traffic using affiliate model.

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