Lifetime Studio FX Review + AWESOME BONUS OF 2017

Today I am sharing a detailed review of a special software bundle called Lifetime Studio FX By Richard Madison . I am totally impressed with what these two graphics software does.

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Lifetime Studio FX Review + Awesome Bonus Of 2017

Lifetime Studio FX is a bundled version of both Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX.

This cloud-based app was originally sold by Jimmy Kim, but recently, Richard Madison bought both Jimmy’s products. My review will show more information about Lifetime Studio FX .

Now Richard is re-introducing these apps with a huge discount.

Since Richard is also the Lifetime Hosting and Lifetime Stock Video provider, the Studio FX apps are a great addition to his arsenal. His products are worth a 5 stars review .

Pixel Studio FX is an lifetime online app that enables anyone to create professional, high conversion eCovers and box art within 60 seconds or less. It comes with over 28,000 unique designs, 8,000 images, 6000 web icons and 650+ pro templates.

It is a proven lifetime product (over 2000 good reviews about it) with over 13,000 members who made 190,000+ eCovers and other mockups.

Social Studio FX is an lifetime online app that enables everyone to create beautiful, promising social media and advertising designs in three simple steps. It comes with 66 designs for
All major social media platforms and formats (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pintrest).

In addition to “social” images (such as Timeline & Cover Photos, Ads and Thumbnails) you can also create webpages. It is a proven product with more than 3,000 members and many rave reviews.

These lifetime apps make it easy to design with a full drag and drop editor that lets you create box shots, eCovers and social graphics that are suitable for almost any occasion.

My Lifetime Studio FX Review will show you How does it work. 
You will get 2 different apps that you can access through your browser. And then follow these 3 steps:

Choose a template (Pixel Studio Fx) or Design (Lifetime Social Studio Fx).
Customize and edit.
Download, publish and share.
With Pixel Studio Fx , first select a niche (23), then select a template and one of the 12 styles (such as eCover, 3D boxes, DVD, Hardcover, Iphone, Magazine, etc.).

Social Studio Fx starts with the social platform (or web browser) and selects your style (as Timeline, Ad, Thumbnail, etc.). Or, of course, you can start your own design for any size you want.

Lifetime Studio Fx Review

Key Features of Both lifetime Apps
Easy-to-use dashboard with a slim and fast interface
WYSIWYG and advanced drag & drop editing. Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes in real time.
You can review huge library of templates, designs, images, icons and fonts.
Publish in different formats like in PNG, JPEG, PDF or TIFF.
Unlimited personal use. Create as many images or box shots as you like.
Cloud storage. 2 times 50 MB Free storage for your Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX uploads. You can review them yourself.
What makes Lifetime Studio FX so special?
In addition to the (limited time available) option to get both apps together for a very affordable one-time lifetime price, Lifetime Studio FX comes with some great features that lack other software for free editing or graphic creation (like Paint, Gimp, Pixlr and Canva) to. Features like pre-made templates with a click-on click (saving you a lot of time back and forth for testing your designs on social media, etc.), Large built-in media library (from designs, images, icons, and fonts) and The function to store your images in four different formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF or TIFF), including transparent background. In my review, Lifetime Studio Fx is better than any other tool.

On the other hand, it comes with less (really advanced) editing features as with the more expensive (and not so easy to learn and use) tools like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

So Lifetime Studio FX is well positioned between the free and high-end / expensive photo shopping tools.

Are there any cons in my review ?
Lifetime Studio FX is a web-based tool and it has great benefits, such as accessible from any location and device with internet connection and no install or update any software. However, keep in mind that if the server for any reason, or they stop offering their services, you can not use the software (temporarily or never). Therefore, I always recommend that you keep backups of your images.

Although the editing features are really advanced and easy to use (even for full newcomers), they are not at the same high level as, for example, Photoshop. But I do not think you really need those advanced options for your social media graphics and mockups.

Why would you buy Lifetime Studio FX?
Because Lifetime Studio FX is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create high quality graphics. Especially for creating standard images that every business owner needs (such as social media covers, product covers, etc.). It’s a huge time saver because you start with professional high-quality templates that are easy to edit.

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