Andy Do
Andy Do
Nov 4, 2017 · 4 min read

Today I am doing a detailed review of a special rewards software called PerkZilla By Promote Labs. I am really impressed with what this new software does.

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PerkZilla Review + Awesome Bonus Of 2017

The PerkZilla platform was developed to help businesses, marketers and website owners spread their news about their upcoming launches, grow their email lists, and create a competitive environment in which your most loyal customers become your best advocates. PerkZilla quickly builds a buzz on word of mouth about your products, services and your brand, making it easy to exponentially increase sales, market acceptance and dominance of email lists …

According to my review , This PerkZilla system is the smartest solution for fast list growth and explosive levels of viral traffic for your website …

[+] Content upgrades that work!
With PerkZilla, you can automatically deliver premium content, bonuses and more in exchange for emails and social shares.
PerkZilla Encourage visitors to subscribe to your major magnets, such as coupons and PDFs to review, capture leads and spend MORE bonuses and rewards when new subscribers share your offer with their social media friends and followers.
[+] Viral games made easy!

Use the power of word-of-mouth advertising to explode your subscriber numbers with Perkzilla — it’s a list that builds on overdrive!
Provide a convincing price or targeted incentive when a visitor enters your email with your email, encourage them to refer to additional entries, reviewed other benefits, and additional rewards — All at the complete slot machine!

Continue to review The most important features of PerkZilla at a glance:

[+] Simple, fast and fun:

PerkZilla is simple, fast and super easy to configure with nothing to install or configure, review and does not require complicated encryption. We’ve simply made plug-and-play to add a powerful login sign-up to EVERY site, increase your logins exponentially, and let your listings viralize.
Simply log in to your secure dashboard, create a new Perkzilla campaign, and copy and paste the code into your webpage or blog post. You can then edit or update your campaign anywhere with Internet access without reviewing the web page again.

PerkZilla Review

[+] Auto-activated rewards:

Fully customizable “Trigger Emails” are automatically sent when the user reaches a predetermined referral number. You can review these goals (e.g., send mail when the user has referred 10 others using Perkzilla software) and you can send unlimited emails to each Perkzilla campaign.
Use these messages to deliver rewards and motivate users to refer more visitors to your campaign.
PerkZilla Includes pre-loaded and customizable template templates for website launches (queue jump and buzz building), product / service level upgrades for referrals, Giveaways, and more.

PerkZilla Review Demo Video And Bonus :

[+] Sharing on social networks:

Perkzilla has been reviewed and developed to make use of the power of word-of-mouth references using social media. From now on, you will not only collect individual listings, this is a list that is built up quickly, and each new subscriber takes an average of 3 others. Using Perkzilla , It’s fast, easy and a proven way to build buzz through the previous unreasonable network of your user file.
After reviewing, I see that It Works with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumbler and Reddit
[+] Advanced fraud detection:

Perkzilla comes fully loaded with an advanced center for detection and prevention of fraud. We constantly monitor suspicious and fraudulent sign-up activities and prevent spammers from using your Perkzilla campaigns.
[+] Great data reporting:

You can easily track and review the performance of all your campaigns with our great data reporting panel. You can view visitor statistics, viral vs. direct lead attribution, and the viral multiplier results of your Perkzilla campaigns at a glance.
You can also manage and review your activity to identify your main referrers / influencers!
PerkZilla also includes the option to set an alternative “Tracking Page URL”, allowing you to add your welcome message to a separate page of your choice where you can add tracking / pixel codes (great for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels)
[+] Autoresponder Integrations:

PerkZilla’s seamless click / copy integrations with the most popular autoresponder services allow you to automatically add your new subscriber lines to your mailing lists.
You can use different autoresponders and different lists within your autoresponder for each Perkzilla campaign. If your favorite service is not listed, please let us know and we will make sure everything happens!
You can also export your subscribers at any time directly from CSV format from the platform!

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