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Hey guys, Today A new software by Ben Murray, called “SociVideo JukeBox” will be officially released. I am writing a detailed SociVideo JukeBox Review And Share Best Bonus For You !


Today I’m doing a detailed review of a new software called SociVideo Jukebox By Ben Murray

SociVideo Jukebox is a desktop software that is designed to solve two problems for people who own, run, or manage Facebook fan pages. Those two problems are content and time. You see if your using any kind of social media (including fan pages) then you need to post good, relevant content regularly. People online in general, but especially on social media tend to have very short term memories. They forget about you quickly. Because of this you need to be posting things that are relevant to your following at a very consistent pace. Use Our SociVideo Jukebox Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

Unfortunately its not quite so easy. Its difficult and very time consuming to create new content to post. Especially if you want to do video posts (which get the most attention). In fact the other day I made a video for my following and it took me all night to do. I had to record the video which took about an hour for me to get right (even though I have a lighting kit and a good video camera). Then I had to edit the video which took me another hour. Only my editing software crashed before I saved so I had to do it again, so it was actually two hours. Finally after that was all done I rendered the video (another 20 minutes) and only then was able to post it to Facebook. Thats a lot of work for just ONE piece of content! Use Our SociVideo Jukebox Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

SociVideo Jukebox aims to solve this problem by letting you find good quality content, add it to a ‘jukebox’ (which is really just a marketing term for que) and schedule that content to post to your fan page automatically at regular intervals. Once all the content is posted it will then start over, reposting the first piece of content again and cycling through the entire ‘jukebox’ (of course you can add new content at any time). You probably wondering why it would cycle through the content after it ends right? Don’t worry I will explain that shortly (its actually a really smart idea).

SociVideo Jukebox Review * How It Works ?

In order to use SociVideo Jukebox you first have to create an app on Facebook. This is not to difficult, its totally free, and I have no doubt anyone can do it. You then put your app ID number and secret key into the software, press save, authorize your Facebook account to the app, and your all set. This process will probably take most people about 15–20 minutes at most and you only have to do it once.

You can then start to create your jukeboxes. Jukeboxes are basically groups of content. When creating a jukebox you should do it by subject, so you have jukeboxes all with similar types of content in them. For example you could have your “Make Money Online” jukebox. You could also have a “Health and Fitness” jukebox.

Last you add your content to each jukebox. Now of course you can add in your own content, but most people are probably going to want to search for content so they do not have to create their own. To do this you simply go to the content section, select the kind of content you want to find, enter your keywords and press search.

Use Our SociVideo Jukebox Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

In my testing I searched for video content (because its the kind people like most) and it searched YouTube for relevant videos. The software pulls the video and also the text in the description. Now this is where I want to warn you. Many people put links in their YouTube video descriptions. So if your using SociVideo Jukebox to find videos, before adding videos you find to your jukebox make sure you check the text description that it pulls. You probably will want to remove any links (yes you can edit it) from the description, unless of course you dont mind giving the creator of the video a free back link to their site. Use Our SociVideo Jukebox Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

Ill be honest when I was testing this I actually went into it with a bit of a cynical mindset. I expected this to just post the text it pulls and a link to the YouTube video. Sure the video would play but it would not be a ‘native’ Facebook video. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did not post a link. The software actually downloaded the video from YouTube and posted it to Facebook natively for me. Nice! And also very important because Facebook gives more priority to native videos on there site so more people will see your video this way.

SociVideo Jukebox Review * More Information

So now you have a way to get all the content you want for your fan page and have it automatically post at regular intervals for you. Best of all its native content and not links. Very cool. However I still did not explain why it cycles through the content you add to your jukebox over and over instead of just stopping at the end.

In order to understand this you need to realize that post people who see your fan page posts will do so in their timeline. They will not actually visit your fan page. Because of this people will not see your old posts. Generally when you post content to a fan page you get at most one day for people to see it at most (often less). After that the content will not get much if any views because new things will be showing in peoples timelines. This means that content you posted a couple weeks ago or even months ago is totally lost on new people to your page. New people are likely to never see your old content. Because of this it actually makes perfect sense to cycle through your older content and repost it, so the new people can see it (I actually do this manually on my Facebook group). Use Our SociVideo Jukebox Review To Discover All Information About This Stuff !

Honestly this realization is a credit to the creators of SociVideo Jukebox. I have seen several auto posts and lots of content tools but I have never seen one made by people with the insight to understand that it just makes sense to repost the old content so new people can see it. Its also very cool that this is automatic. Whats even cooler is that if you see something that did not get much attention the first time it was posted you can simply delete it from your jukebox and replace with something new you find using the content search. This way you are refining your jukebox to ensure that it only has the best content for your target audience.

SociVideo Jukebox Review In Conclusion

So what do I think of SociVideo Jukebox over all? Its a definite time saver and I really like the the reposting feature (for the reasons I described). This is a desktop software which means that you have to have it running on your computer in the background for it to work. Really a cloud based system would have been better but its not the end of the world. We all probably have software constantly running in the background of our computers, such Skype or a virus scanner for example. Over all I think this is a very useful tool that anyone working with fan pages might want to seriously consider.

Thank you for checking my SociVideo Jukebox Review and bonus !