The 0.85 attogram nCoronavirus has had a profound impact on our lives. While it has taken away people’s livelihoods, it has driven millions of people into the clutches of poverty.

The worst-hit are those living in developing countries and the countries who believe they are near-developed. For one, many of them have little or no social security. They are just clutching the straws even as they face the danger of falling into a state of hunger, no less. Food stamps are alien in much of these countries. Yes, there are charities, but they are few and far between. Some of them help the poor who live in slums and not the ones who live in decent houses that do not leak during the rains.

Now they were also the ones who kept the malls in the cities chugging along. When their livelihoods vanished, so did much of the discretionary spending that kept the malls and shopping centres chugging.

As there is too much reluctance to step out to go to the office, it is only a matter of time before people need to start earning. Many of them are in consulting roles. Sounds top-notch, but the reality is something else. The reality laid bare by the teeny-weeny tiny virus.

A consulting role is fine as the going is good in the economy. When the economy hits the skids and is stuck in the doldrums, it’s not a situation one wants to be in.

Looking online for projects is perhaps the chance for a person to experience the realities of life. The colour of your skin and the geography you hail from are factors dictating your ability to get projects. That’s perhaps the greatest lesson I learnt that the world is not what one reads or what our politicians say it is. It’s the general public that holds the mirror and shows you what you are.

For those who may ask, how heavy is a 0.85 attogram virus that opened my eyes to the world. Let’s take a particle of 0.85 gm and divide it into a million parts. Now take one piece of it and divide it into 10 million parts and the weight of the final bit is one coronavirus. or the 0.85 attogram.

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