I am amazed, rather flabbergasted, by the fragility of the world. How can a disease bring the world to its knees is beyond me.

Also, the pace at which institutions, built over many decades, just unravelled. Allowing the so-called democratically-elected leaders spearheading the destruction with no remorse or even understanding…

The 0.85 attogram nCoronavirus has had a profound impact on our lives. While it has taken away people’s livelihoods, it has driven millions of people into the clutches of poverty.

The worst-hit are those living in developing countries and the countries who believe they are near-developed. For one, many of…

In Freefall

Ever since I lost my job, yeah from being on the rolls to being made a consultant, I have been flirting with freelancing.

Attempt 1, attempt 2, attempt 3, attempt 4… one glorious failure after another… and, I am paying the sites for nothing. It’s a chicken and an egg story of mine.

Try freelancing site, and I am competing with those feeding from the bottom of the barrel. I have spent money, but not got even one. Wonder if my 17 years of journalism and 4 years as a content head is not good enough.

Those looking for freelancers are looking for people with experience in freelancing on the site. Hey! How can I get any experience if I can’t land any?!

Now, the sites have made me invisible because I have not been able to land ant projects. Is there some fixing?! Or, it’s just luck!

The lack of medical cover would mean another huge setback. This, despite the government capping the cost.

Thanks to CoViD19 virus, I nearly lost my job, and my pay cut to half, and lost whatever little medical cover I had.

Now it’s not difficult to find people who go from being middle class to being poor in no time. All that you need is merely fall sick. You don’t need to go in for any costly procedures. Even what you might term routine now sound costly to me.

To supplement ones income, there’s talk of freelancing. But, when it’s a trickle, or you get nothing, it’s no less than disheartening. The online freelancer sites expect you to bid.

Praveen Bose

I am a content writer, a content editor keen on learning new things

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