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P2P CLub
P2P CLub
Oct 11, 2019 · 2 min read

1/ Loan without insurance

We provide lending space which shows all of lending requests.

Registing an account on P2P Club is the only condition user must complete to submit a loan request or search for loan in the system.

The lender and borrower can connect to each other via the available lending request in the market, discuss and creat order in private.

In this case, the insurance only depends on personal reputation and the risk ratio is 50:50.

2/ Loan with insurance

The biggest problem when participate in Peer-to-peer lending market is the risk of from borrower’s commitment. The combination of blockchain, AI and Big data will ensure your asset safety.

Once the loan funding is deposited to smart contract, AI system will analys and auto-match the loan funding with loan request.

Smart contract will perform the lending commitment, ensure the lender’s repayment and interest; force borrower to finish the loan repayment not to lose their mortgage asset.

Big data ensure the quality of transactions in technical side.

3/ Reputation point

All of loan transactions in P2P Club system are recorded on blockchain to ensure the trust of personal reputation point and loan insurance. Ratio of successful loan payment/repayment is one of the most important index which effect on personal reputation.
Reputation point is displayed in personal profile in private. It takes lender a fee of $1 to $10 in P2P to view borrower profile.
Please noted that we only accept payment in P2P.

By that way, P2PClub will complete the target to creat a fair, trusted lending market. We ensure user’s benefits.

Join with us here: https://p2pclub.io/