P2PClub: Note for Investing Package

P2P CLub
P2P CLub
Dec 2, 2019 · 1 min read

Hello our dear customers,

We would like to announce some notes related to Invest in AI Insurance:
There are 2 kinds of status for an order of buying Invest in AI Insurance: “Queued” & “Invested”
✍🏻 “Queued”: When you buy a package of investment, your order’s status will be changed to “Queued” at first.
✍🏻 “Invested”: Your order’s status will be changed to “Invested” when it is matched with suitable loan package to allocate.

Our system will receive your order of buying Investing Package and process it. Only when your order’s status is changed to “Invested”, the system starts to calculate and record your sales and commissions.

Thank you,
P2PClub Team

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P2P CLub

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