P2P purchased ‘’MONEY’’, the fin-tech banking company ⚡️

We are proud to announce that P2P Global Network purchased fin tech blockchain company — ‘’MONEY’’, and will be implementing into the P2P Global Network platform!

This is very beneficial for our customers which will now enjoy full-service banking to and from selected cryptocurrency and USD.

As a token holder, the P2P token will be the native token of the banking system! So, dear #P2P holders, congrats to you too for this amazing news!


We couldn’t update the whole Agreement here (many pages) but the document is open for your/anyone’s review. Just write to sales@p2pglobal.io and request — we will ASAP send to you!

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“Money“ is the first global decentralized full fledge banking system integrating traditional online experience and features to the cryptocurrency world

Cryptocurrency Conversion to USD Stop-Loss and Withdrawal System

“Money“ provides its users with the ability to swap between cryptocurrency and USD with ease. This feature is essential in the volatile state of cryptocurrency. “Money“ is using a stop-loss marker placed at the time of conversion for the current amount during the time of your conversion. This will ensure that once the conversion is set the timestamp and current cryptocurrency price is locked and set. In the USD form, you may then hold in your personal account, or withdraw to your traditional bank such as Chase, Wells Fargo and many more all over the globe.

Send and Receive Cryptocurrency and USD with Money “Save”

‘’Money’’ is changing the game of cryptocurrencies send and receive methods. Money has incorporated an easy and friendly user experience through its “Save” feature. Money’s “Save” features allow our customers to save Mom as a ‘Nickname” in their personal ‘Save” address book along with the chosen cryptocurrency receiving address. Simply click Send Money, choose from your “Save” address book; select the amount to send in fiat, and all the information saved will autofill. No more hassle of having to enter the long receiving address over and over again, or searching for a calculator to figuring the amount of the fiat currency to crypto conversion. Choose the amount and send…1,2,3 and go!

Real World Use

We realize that it's not just enough to have good user experience and impregnatable security. A great player in the cryptocurrency space has to be able to offer real-world use also! So, “Money“ is doing just this! “Money“ will offer its customers with an everyday use Visa Card. So not only will you switch to USD with ease but will be able to use your USD at any Visa participating store all over the world.

About “Money“: www.joinmoney.com