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The renewable energy sector has flourished since the last couple of decades and continues to show great prospects for the future. The total renewable energy revenue is estimated to be worth about $777.6 billion USD by 2019. With the advent of the sharing economy, the prospects are even greater. The influx of decentralized energy startup enterprises has contributed to this magnificent rise in the demand for Renewable Energy Resources (RER). This has allowed for more participation from the finite-energy resource dependent corporations.

Energy trading platforms based on decentralized economies have bolstered the spread of renewable energy ideologies and expanded adoption. The fate of this new economy lies in a crucial point — the ability to create an economic potential gradient that helps to improve the system design in a more holistic manner and within a short period of time. …

The seam for the next generation energy marketplace

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For decades, renewable energy has been touted as the energy for the future. As each day brings us closer to that utopia, an opportunity to ‘tokenize’ the excess production of renewable energy is presented. This mission embarked by Peer-to-peer Energy Protocol (P2PEP), will single it out as the next generation energy trading platform. It will connect the missing pieces in the recycling of renewable energy generation.

Current Challenges in renewable energy ecosystem

It’s refreshing to see individuals and corporations consider the potential of green energy production. This proves among other things that we are owning up to the responsibilities of a cleaner environment. …

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People who have solar energy systems installed will produce, at some point, an oversupply of energy. These People try to sell this surplus of energy to earn back some of the costs of purchasing the renewable system or even profit from it.

P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) aims to offer a trading platform combined with a utility token to buy/sell (trade) this oversupply of solar or other renewable energies, which can be done directly peer to peer, consumer to consumer wise.

In addition, the P2PEP trading platform strives to push for its adoption by green energy companies that want to deal directly with end consumers. Using P2PEP, green energy consumers and producers can bypass the old, outdated polluting energy and trade green energy peer to peer as easily as picking up an uber ride. …


P2PEP - Peer-to-Peer Energy Protocol

P2PEP aims to revolutionize, boost convenience, increase efficiency and lower costs for all parties aspiring to make the transition towards clean energy.

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