Digital is the new normal. Our society has changed drastically in recent years (and months) due to digitisation (and Covid-19), but government has not always followed suit. It is clear to us that every citizen must be able to communicate with the government digitally and that unnecessary administrative obligations are thereby abolished. In this way, we can also further reduce the government burden. To prepare children for the digital future, we want every child to learn programming. Not everyone is equally familiar with the digital world therefore ‘Technophobes’ must also be able to continue to use the services of the government.

Many government IT projects are ‘unnecessary or unnecessarily large’. Ministries lack knowledge of the matter and too often ‘expensive external parties’ are hired to get things going.


Our government is still too big and unwieldy. Services that do not communicate with each other, documents that you have to send over and over, simple documents for which you still have to go to a counter, even basic emails often doesn’t work… It causes frustration, delays and expensive government administration . We must seize the opportunities that digitisation offers. …

Since the emergence of Covid-19, offices around the globe have started the remote working. As work from home continues to heat up, the hidden dangers of “network security” brought by telecommuting cannot be underestimated. Ensuring network security in the remote working environment has become the focus of attention of government and corporate.

Remote office network security risks

Risk of open ports

Scenario: In order to facilitate remote operation and maintenance, some IT personnel have opened server ports that enables remote working.

Risks: Opening the ports for remote operation and maintenance, exposing key service ports to the Internet, making the remote server the focus of hackers…

Ahmed Mohamed Didi (Peep)

Systems Engineer, Security Researcher from Maldives 🇲🇻

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