I Talked To 1400 Strangers About Their Sex Lives. Here’s What I Learned.
Jared Matthew Weiss

Most ppl will think I am old fashioned or orthodox etc etc but I get the feeling some part of this conversation is unnecessary.

It could be a generational thing but there is a line at which everyone should stop. You don’t need this much conversation about sex. Yes it is important and intimate and affects people in a lot of ways.

But surely we can spend our time for things which are more important in our lives for example how to be healthy. Or how to be financially smart.

If you are going to put so much time and effort into this subject, the most important thing is to make sure you avoid STDs.

We all seem to forget the main aim behind it and that is procreation for continuation of our species. Yes there is the the part of pleasure also but that is to make sure we do it. Beyond that, its down to individual what they want to do. An initiative like this is an overkill when you look at big picture that is life in which sex is a very small part of.

In the world we live in, we certainly need to be smart and set our priorities right.