New Goals!

In the last post I said that I was going to turn writting and posting it here, into an habit, unfortunately I didn’t. I’ve been feeling bad about it, thinking… (Borja, 😤 you should’ve written something this week, you got to start that healthy habit and analyse what your doing!) But since it’s been a busy period (Uni assignments, I’ve quitted Apple because I’m going to China this summer, etc) I’ve been leaving it and leaving it. Today though, I feel like I’m going to seriously start this new habit, from now on, every Sunday I’ll post some weekly thoughts 🤠✌️

I have to give a big shoutout to Pauline, after talking to her for a bit, I was so pumped up that I decided to start changing my way of doing things and start setting some new goals! Sometimes we start to divert a bit from our path and we need someone to remind us the important stuff! 💪🏼👾


I’ve promised myself that from now on, I’m going to start a new routine that includes the following points:

  • Food: I’m going to start having around 1800 cal a day, not more. I know I should start having better food, not just less, but better. Let’s start controlling quantity and slowly move onto quality! 🍏🍇🍳🍝
  • Gym: I’ve recently started to go to the gym 5 times a week. Sometimes is difficult though, a lot of things happen around the day and it feels like there are days where you just can’t go. That plus the fact that some of those days you’re tired and don’t really want to, makes you stay. I found a way to counter that, following my friend’s advice, I’m going to start waking up earlier ⏰ and take some time for myself. In my case this means, have breakfast watching a series or something that makes me feel relaxed and when I’m done, head the gym and do my workout. 🏋🏻
  • Schedule: As I said regarding the gym, I want to start waking up earlier, which inevitably means having to go to bed earlier 😔 (as the night owl that I am, this kills me 🦉). The thing is that I’m used to it because of having lived in Spain for ages, but here, tbh if there is no sunlight after 8pm and there is from 5am ☀️, it’s worth it going to bed earlier and enjoy a longer sunny day! (yeah, in UK they do have sunny days even though all the myths said the opposite 😂)
Goodwin Sports Center — Big truth


  • HackSheffield: things are getting more and more real everytime regarding HS. We are in conversations with possible sponsors every week and tomorrow we’ll start conversations with some new ones, which is really exciting! Surely we’ll get a lot of them interested in collaborating in the event! 🤞🏼🤘🏼
  • Cyber Security: Here there are two main projects that are driving me crazy! First of all my personal research and my obsession with learning a bit everyday about cybersecurity. I’m taking some courses and I’ll try to get some certifications over the summer! Secondly, my new cyber security society at the uni has become something real. CyberSoc was just an idea that I had because I felt that, having a field as important as it is, that nobody knows about and there are almost 2M jobs without people with the knowledge to cover those positions… We need to fix that, we need to turn cyber security into something popular so people know how important it is! Well, I did at the best time… (This week has been full of big cyber attacks to companies, governments, etc) Unfortunately people don’t realise about the dangers in their lives until the NHS is massively hacked 😔 Anyway, my point here is, the society is up! I’ll probably write a post talking about all my plans for it!
  • TravelBook: I’ve been thinking for a while about all the pictures that I have and at the end, I only want to conserve x number of moments in x number of places. This is easy to see when I travel, I come back with thousands of pics that are SHIT, and there are only around 5 that deserve to become a memory that should be stored somewhere! On the other hand, I don’t like deleting pictures, you never know when you’ll need them or how happy it could make you seeing them years later… So how do I fix this? Well, I thought that the best way of doing would be by having a web app that represents the world 🌍 . In every place you’ve been a flag appears, when you go into that place, you can see those x number of pictures that were REALLY GOOD of each time you’ve been there. This means that you probably won’t have more than 20 pics in the same city and all the pics that you have in that web app, are quality pictures. Also, it encourages to travel to fill that map of flags 🇪🇸🇬🇧! (I’ve already talked about how important and great I think travelling is) So this is the idea, I’ve started working on it but since I’m on exams, I’ll develop this after exams (around mid June). I’ll code it from 🇨🇳(China) and it’ll be posted on Github in case someone want’s to use it!
  • Social: My friend Suibin and I have decided to go for two projects this summer. The first one would be an app that we’ll have to do in Swift (god, we don’t know anything about it and if is similar to java — apparently it is… — I’m going to kill myself 😅) and is related with social media. I’ll write more about it here when we actually have something to show!
  • Challenge: The other project will be a web application that is very related with challenges in life. Again, I’ll write more about it here when we actually have something to show and talk about! 🤘🏼
Exams period is almost here == Focus


This is the last week of the semester as in normal course. Next week I’ll have most of my exams (only my crazy mandarin exam is later) so I need to use this week’s time wisely! One of my virtues / flaws is that I work better under pressure, so I’m going to smash it! I’m going to keep on following this new routine, I’m going to { wake up early, go to the gym, study, have lunch, study, chill, sleep } ➡️ repeat. It is an important week so I’ll probably need to be more focused than what I’ve been during the whole year.

To be honest, this last week has been mad. I’ve had days of wanting to jump through the window beacuse of some assignments and days that felt like heaven. It has been an emotional rollercoaster but full of good moments and good decisions! Yesterday I had a mad experience, since my conversations with Pauline, I’m trying to copy her “help the people, bring it back to the community” philosophy and after having a coffee with a friend, we got to a point in the conversation where he told a bit of his problems and that he wasn’t happy in his situation… After around 3h of talking, he left really pumped up and thanked me for all the things that I told him. Apparently I’m not bad at giving motivational speeches and communicating messages, specially when I’m talking about my own life philosophy! It gave me such a good sensation! Will try to work more on doing this sort of stuff!

Well, enough for today! I’m going to spend a mad week of preparing these exams but I’ll get some free time on Sunday to write as I did today!