A Response to Misinformed New York Times Story on Gender Equality in Tech

Data show having female leaders is good for business

Paradigm for Parity
Oct 6, 2017 · 2 min read

By Jewelle Bickford, Ellen Kullman & Sandra Beach Lin, Paradigm for Parity® Co-Chairs

The New York Times recently published “Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone too Far,” a piece that largely ignored much of the data that makes a business case for diversity, instead focusing on opinions of a few individuals.

In fact, the data is clear and strong; having female leaders is good for business. According to Credit Suisse Research, companies with 50% women in senior positions show 19% higher return on equity on average. And a move from 0% to 30% female leaders in companies results in a 15% increased net revenue margin, according to the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

When the CEOs we speak with hear these facts, they agree parity is a no-brainer (don’t just take our word for it — ask one of the 56 companies that have committed to gender parity by 2030).

“In fact, the data is clear and strong; having female leaders is good for business.”

As the leaders of Paradigm for Parity, a coalition of CEOs and human resource officers from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, we want to level the playing field for women in corporate leadership positions because it’s good for business and believe the science is irrefutable.

We have developed a five-point Paradigm for Parity Action Plan that provides companies a comprehensive road map to catalyze change.

Paradigm for Parity

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The Paradigm for Parity® movement is a coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the leadership gender gap in corporate America.

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