Intro: Using Premium Video with Pond5 Social Studio

Pond5 Social Studio
May 28 · 4 min read

What is a premium video (or photo) in Social Studio?

If you are active on social media, and if you use creative tools and apps like Social Studio, you are probably starting to hear terms like “stock video” “premium video” and “stock photo” more frequently. And you are probably wondering what those terms mean. In this brief post, we will explain what we mean by “premium video/photo/media” and how you can use it.

In Social Studio, premium video simply refers to the professionally produced clips you see in the backgrounds of our templates and when you search our video library. Premium video is all of the pro/paid video you can access through Social Studio. If you export one of our templates without putting your own video or photo in the background, you will be asked to pay $10 to license the premium video.

What is a license?

A license is simply the legal right to use our artists’ premium content on your site or in your social posts, stories, ads, etc. without running into copyright issues. You can read our standard video license HERE

Sometimes you might see “stock media” or “stock video” on our site. When you hear the term stock media, that Is an industry term that refers to content (video/photo/music/graphic) that was specifically created by professionals for your use. For our purposes, “stock video” is interchangeable with “premium video”

When/where would I use premium video?

There are a number of reasons for any business or brand to incorporate premium media into their web and social presence. Some of the most common include:

  1. You need an epic shot that you can’t reasonably get on your own, like this aerial shot of the Eiffel Tower

2. You need a shot that you don’t know how to create, like this animation of an astronaut

3. You need a complex shot and you don’t have time to get it: example like this Shenzhen nightlapse

4. You need a shot that you could get yourself, but it may not look as good or be as affordable to capture as a professional version, like this shot of a beach party.

Why would I pay for premium video or photos?

There are good business reasons and good creative reasons for incorporating premium video, photos, etc. into your web and social media presence.

Paying for premium content accomplishes the following for your business and for our creators:

  1. Buying a license for a piece of premium media allows have the best looking video/photo in your posts with minimum time, effort and cost.

2. Buying a license means that you pay for the rights to use the creator’s video however you want on your site and your social media. Once you buy the license, the video is yours and you won’t face any of the legal repercussions associated with using unlicensed material.

3. Licensing a piece of content means the content creator paid. Our artists work very hard to create the best media they can for your use, and we want to ensure that they keep working comfortably.

And all of this is in addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages of using premium media for your brand:

1. Professionally produced media can improve the overall quality and engagement of your social posts. Visually and audibly pleasing content can help you to post content that stands out and stops your followers from scrolling or swiping past.

2. Better (more expensive looking) content can elevate your brand and make a new or small business look more established and more polished.

3. Better content can better convey your message. You probably know what you want your brand to say, but you may not have the visual tools to say it. Good visuals are hard, good video is really really hard. When you buy premium video and photos, you are contracting a visual storyteller to do that really really hard work for you.

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