What Is a Template in Social Studio

If you’re new to Social Studio, you may have some questions about templates and how to use them. In this post, we will explain what a Social Studio template is and how you can use any of them to speed up you workflow and improve your posts.

What is a template?

Template is term used in several industries to describe a somewhat fleshed-out blueprint, or guide for a project. In our product, a template is the pre-assembled footage or image (background video or photo), titles (text), graphics and music that comprise a complete project.

Can I customize a Template?

Of course, templates can and should be edited to meet your specific needs. In Social Studio, we give you the ability to do all of the following:

  1. Change the background media
  2. Change the soundtrack (music)
  3. Change animation styles and duration
  4. Change and edit the copy (message) in titles
  5. Change graphic colors
  6. Change project duration (length)
  7. Add logos

All of our templates are designed by our creative team with specific combinations of footage, music, fonts, colors and transitions that are intended to convey a cohesive message and evoke a specific feeling. Starting your project from one of our templates is probably the fastest way to create a really professional social video in a few minutes, and since we have hundreds of templates, it’s probably easy to find and edit one that reasonably fits your brand’s goals.

As always, if you drop your own video or photo in one of our templates, you can export it for free, or you can license any of our premium videos for $10.

To explore all of our templates, click HERE.

For more on premium videos, click HERE.

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