Here’s a little known fact about coffee that will surprise you

We’ve always believed that coffee is special!

It’s delicious!

It can keep you awake, even when you don’t want to!

It can actually make you smarter.

Coffee has caffeine and one of caffeine’s primary functions is to block Adenosine. This increases neuronal firing in the brain and the release of the other neurotransmitters. In other words — it makes you smarter for a short period of time.

A number of studies have proved that coffee can fight depression.

It can help you burn fat and increase physical activity.

And most of all, as a working team with insane deadlines,we NEED our cup of java to survive. In fact, we have 5 coffee machines at full power helping us with our java fill, 24/7.

If you think we’re the only ones, you may want to think again. A lot of people do share the same love for coffee as we do. 54% of the American population consumes around 3.1 cups a day. That’s 382 million a year if we do the math right. Recently enough, we found one more benefit from coffee you would have never guessed existed. A cup of coffee can actually help you increase your file security.

It takes only one cup of coffee to power a file encryption service for a month!

Allow us to explain:

Remember those pretty numbers we were just talking about in the previous paragraph? If we convert them into dollar bills using the average price of an espresso-based drink — $4, we get $1.5 billion. This is the average sum we can possibly spend to get our regular dose of java juice.

Do you know how much we spend on our file security as a whole? Apparently, not enough. One of the latest reports from Gemalto states that in 2014 the number of data breaches has increased with 49% compared to 2013. Here are some examples from 2015:

This data was taken from

That’s anything but comforting news!

And here’s how coffee is involved — it takes the value of just one cup to power a file encryption solution for a month. It’s called pCloud Crypto and it’s a zero-knowledge privacy folder that keeps files 100% confidential. This solution uses a file protection method called client-side encryption. What is so special about this is that it encrypts data on your device, before any of your files are transferred to the cloud. Also, you personally choose a Crypto pass (passphrase) that will act as part of the encryption key. Since you’re the only person, who will know it (unless you share it with someone, but who shares his passwords anyway) you can be sure that your data is unreachable to anyone but you. All this just for a cup of coffee.

So now that you know all of these facts, would you still leave your files unprotected?

Think it over a cup of coffee, while we give you 14 days of free file security.

Get your files protected now!Espresso means „When something is forced out“. Crypto means „security“.

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