Claim your PEOS tokens by the 25th of April or lose them forever

On the 15th of February, we took a snapshot for pEOS, an eosio based project aiming to bring private and untraceable transactions on eos, shortly after on the 25th of February we started airdropping PEOS tokens 1:1 to EOS according to our snapshot. If you missed the pEOS announcement check out our site, you can also join us in telegram or follow us on twitter and medium for more information. If you can see a PEOS token balance in your eosio account, It is important to claim them.

Why the need for claim?

Leveraging ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses PEOS tokens will be able to perform private and untraceable transactions with eosio performance and interoperability with eos based dApps.

Being here you must have already noticed that we urge the eos community to claim their PEOS tokens before the 25th of April, even if they already see them in their accounts. In eosio blockchains, holding tokens in an account costs ram and in order to airdrop a token to eosio accounts the sender needs to pay for all receivers account’s ram needed to store the token. By airdropping to all eos accounts the ram required accumulates quite a bit and has a substantial cost. Receiving accounts can claim their tokens and effectively take the RAM cost of storing the tokens to themselves. By claiming your tokens you both relieve us from the cost of paying for your ram but more importantly you express your interest to the project by becoming an active community member. You can read more about the skyhook airdrop method at Nathan Rempel’s article here.

Additionally, since PEOS’ purpose is to provide a means of transaction, by reclaiming inactive PEOS, owned by accounts that have shown no interest to the project so far, will result in a healthier community and a more useful project as we move forward.

How to claim

Claiming your PEOS tokens is pretty simple, you can either claim them through our site here or you can send any amount of PEOS to any eosio account and they will be automatically claimed.

i.e. you can send 0.0001 PEOS to the “thepeostoken” account and your tokens will be claimed, you can always check your claim status at our claim page.

Spread the word

We really want to get as many people as we can to claim their PEOS. Helping us put the word out there and raise awareness about the project, will help the community to not miss out on this opportunity and to create stronger community.

Also don’t forget to request from your exchange the claim and distribution of PEOS tokens to its users.