I mean, don’t they watch the news?
I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

Haha… some of… “it”.

I personally have a very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY, lol; hard time with using words in such a way to be read by many. In all honesty reading this post alone is enlightening!

But the “hatred” is absurd.

The fact that using problem solving when reducing language disparity… Isn’t that a great skill to have? To communicate, to absolve misunderstood verbiage by way of WORKING harder to push through ones own pride and to spend EXTRA time learning to write for the whole, not just other ego fed ‘anti-humbles’, lol!

I mean again,

Like the others say, who the hell reads more than 140 characters these days?

A lot do. And usually they just don’t care to take the extra time to specify in context diction they don’t inherently know — thusly such “dumbing down”(Actually an, intellectual++++ for the writer, also for the reader as now said reader is less likely to presume unreadability as again, not too much effort placed on contextual diction rather the Writer took the extra effort and intellect to simplify WHICH ALSO LEADS to better life skills in all aspects.)…

To dumb down would be to create an indifference in this present moment

Obviously this text editor had caused and created the cause for the absolute antithesis of indifference which equates to — — YAY SMARTERS’ being all smarter’ish and such!

Much love.

Those who say the “nay”, would they ever say “yay” to a thing that they conceived and was well adapted?

I feel this world has become so jealous and over-fed that they are so freely free to upset common courtesy, just ‘cuz’. Or, nor even to spend the mental visage of gratitude for another’s positive actions and consequences thereof’.

Like these opinions are satiated in hubris.

Awesome work though and a novel idea at that!