It feels like work, like a responsibility, like a drug I should avoid, so I avoid it.
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John Battelle

Omg I cannot CAN NOT AGREE With you in so many ways and lost SO/WAY too many friends by taking extended, “Facebook Sabbaticals”, that go for weeks to a month, sometimes months!

I don’t even have messenger on my iPhone and abhor going to the website on my MacBook and now there’s this piling up of notifications, I get tens each day, a lot of invites now though. Used to be a hundred every other day with interaction via “status” updates.

One of my last posts was quite literally, “I feel obligated to post here…so.. hi.”

A couple months ago.

Took/taking time off

People don’t seem to understand it if they’rea couple or more years younger than myself but the majority of other 30–31 year old, since high school pals, hundreds of them post so much and it’s platform changed slightly as far as basic GUI goes..

But the culture changed so much too!

Very boastful, zealous left or ignorant right opinions here and there. Musician and producer/DJ friends literally making up weird, I don’t even know, “beef”(???) with make believes? Crazy shaming posts, people who do drugs that get passed off at another so they goat them into trying to message a deal then status update share with some colorful language.

So many people I’ve known, “Heroine Overdose”, and the way those close to them (a lot of DJ’s Detroit and other EDM scene friends..) then preach though aggressively…

I’ve a lot of friends, enough to make me seen illegitimate until you see I signed on day one and up until a couple years ago was very much all over the place and US but, I don’t know how to even begin to connect much less say much for myself when I open up a new status update window lol..

Especially from getting sober three years ago.

It’s all alien territory now.

But you really do see the shallow ties dry up quick.

Thank God I’m so hard to bore and love solo mode! Lol