The Moral Fallout When Academics Sell Out
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Totally enjoyed every bit of this and not going to lie! I am not one to ever really be on this side of the “divide”, which was important for me as I know neutrality though; as yourself, actively voicing or acting on — the disparities of ‘now’.

But I’m largely in love with the intros, I tend to agree, this is an issue.

Then it gets spun

It spoke in the issue of how there are far more deaths via Opiates in the white community vs. Black. And then went to state that it was racist, that white doctors weren’t giving enough addiction to the blacks, i mean, they said the opposite. Of course, but, there was no end to their dualistic sadistic — insensitive approach as it kept on and on, and on…

So I was there in the middle at the crux of the Grandville/West Michigan Heroine Epidemic, I’ve lost beautiful friends to this in the tens! And I’ve tens of tens of friends whom suffer through the self-interested facade of rehabilitation programs which tend to by only a cyclical diversion to instill hope —


So i admit to some projection there but it was a real issue turned into a wayto make whites feel bad that more of us are dying and that the blacks aren’t receiving opiates enough(btw I can get dope and opiates easier than I can my negligent doctor via blacks not whites and this include pain killers mostly also so the racial statements again just keep coming but this was a pathetic play… I try to read as much from both sides to say I can see where each is coming from but the device is often through saddening means…

So I hoped for someone to come one day and speak on something that is an issue that isn’t some bull-headed conservative telling me to…

Brush your teeth like this EVERY morning I’m successful see my money! It’s because I go up down and down up and the bristles are a special blend of blah blah. Wake up at 4:50 A.M. SUCCESS! Everyday don’t worry about others! Money money money money I’m here so I assume you should take my absolutely unrelated advice(methinks — each is his own mind) ! Do this! Like that! NOW!
Or you’re just like those unsuccessful poor’ folk with their poor pouring down the poor upon you!


Or the Liberal

I can do this because I know I KNOW, you want facts? Here’s the facts!(insert ambiguous alternate reality idealized rendition of something that is very concerning and now is exploited to find somehow to make whites or others feel like shit.)
Why? Why do I know

But you were concise and brilliant.

Thank you!


Sorry if I seem presumptuous that said author is liberal; I meant in the sense of the article being less than helpful for the conservative side of life; or you know, I assumed therefore am an ass! Lolol ;)

Again much thanks!