Bernie’s been taking more flak than ever from progressive rebels lately, and understandably so — his recent cuddle party with the White Helmets, a known deep state war propaganda outlet with strong ties to Al Qaeda, was easily the most cringe-inducing thing that the Senator has done since endorsing neocon armageddon cultist Hillary Clinton.
The Self-Defeating Concept Of “Resistance”
Caitlin Johnstone

White Helmets are absolutely heroic, read non American news that is, every other media outlet online that is state and/or international humanitarian aide backed, also the UN, the groups like UNICEF, Doctors with Borders, etc. they release specific details and statistics as to the actual reality since, well since it really turned crazy.

Just weirded out by this misrepresentation only recently btw, in the media.

Have you ever read “Brave New World : Revisited”(Aldous Huxley)

You’d LOVE IT I can tell!

You’ll see what I mean when I say, they’re confusing us for other things and Syria has only been questioned since Trumps recent attacks on Assad’s forces.

I’ve been obsessively studying/observing the civil war wherein I have read hundreds of articles in the last two years which were not in any major media circuits in the US but rather in their Humani. Aid MENA sections but many European and middle eastern news outlets have covered this exhaustively.

Weird how it’s so confusing now, I’ve read the recent narratives and they’ve become, literally “over night”, unfortunately, exploited(I think it was the Left first then, maybe not maybe it was the alt right in lieu of the “breaking of his promises to only worry about US” and RT plus other Russian only news outlets fed the right with stories that have been arduously proven false 100% of the time. But only have their differences manifest since the Assad attack.

But you should read that book I mentioned above you’ll FUCKING LOVEEEEE IT! The way you’re writing style is and specifically the topic.

You’ll see where it starts to feel like Bannon ripped Huxley’s assessment of propaganda and dystopian realities(this is an essay not the story nor extension of, it’s spot on too!(written in 1948 I think))

Anywhow, much love!