The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

When season 1 ended I thought they couldn’t make a better story for the next season. Last night’s ending hit that point again. I’ll be back with that later. For now this: i know as a fact that many people got into the show because of the relationship between two women. At first I was a little off about it. Seemed to me that every time i saw a strong female character they turned her into a gay character. Yes, i wanted to be represented; had every right to it (i thought). But a tv show is not supposed to be about representation. Somewhere along the road we lost ourselves in that idea. I’m pretty confident that the show runner’s target audience goes beyond a minority (not to be harsh, but its true). I shut my idea of being represented and I enjoyed where the couple was headed. Even more when I saw the chemistry between the ones that portrayed them. So yeah, I rooted for them and got into the ship. But this show is so much more than a couple. Get into it because of the story, because of the twists, and because of the characters complexity. Sure, i would have sent Lexa off in a different way. But who am i? I’m not a writer with an idea of the future of the story. I’m just one little fan trying to enjoy good storytelling. So count me in to see what comes out of this. It certainly made Titus more interesting to me. Thanks for hitting the same doubt I had in season 1. I’m scared, sure; but i’m more excited to be proven wrong again and see where it goes.

Maybe the reaction from many fans deserved some kind of explaining. Yet, it’s your show and there are many others who will keep on watching this amazing show not only because of the couples, but because of everything else around them. So thanks for taking your fans in consideration, just don’t let them get to you with their mean comments.

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