Your skin

I am sorry, I am sorry

I know your struggles

I know you move through weary and dreary daily

I know there are day you question so many things

Like, why did you choose this skin

You wear it on your sleeves

with its history

Mostly the pain

With the ancestors on your shoulders

Whispering a time that still exists

Altering each step because the masters

Still lives…

The body has graced entries that aren’t welcome

Felt touches that burns

And heard words that demeans

In the shadows you’ve walked

Finding homes in alleys

You’ve been questioned by the stick

And corrected by the stick

For a peace of mind

You conformed with the labels

A bitch, you accepted

A dog, he nodded

“I am a nigga”

The known gangster

All their negatives suites your positives

You have a voice but we hear less of it

You have strength, they have laws

I am sorry, I am sorry