Exploring how data graphics should adapt to augmented reality

Screenshots from the AR data visualizations in this research study.

At the Reese Innovation Lab, we’ve been working on multiple storytelling projects using device-based augmented reality over the past few years. Along the way, we’ve taken note of AR designs that feel good, and ones that don’t — but we haven’t established a strong set of guidelines for how to design for AR.

I took on these questions in my Senior Honors Thesis in the Hussman School of Journalism, conducting a usability testing study to see how real users interact with augmented reality. …

Photo from the Wake County Libertarian Party

The room is decorated like a typical craft brewery, one of many that have sprung up in cities like Raleigh, North Carolina in recent years: exposed brick, concrete floors and high ceilings that held shining stainless-steel pipes connecting huge tanks of fermenting beer.

The snippets of dialog that float around the room are less stereotypical. A quick walk past the handful of tables reveals conversations about bitcoin, Ayn Rand, lunar colonies and Ross Ulbricht, the infamous leader of the black-market drug website Silk Road, who was recently sentenced to life in prison. (“I’m a big fan,” someone says).

The audience…

Peter Andringa

Student journalist from Washington DC, currently living in Chapel Hill + Durham https://peterandringa.com

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