The Key To Creating A Global Talent Supply Chain

Current POTUS Donald Trump last week signed an executive order in favor of apprenticeships: “We want to keep jobs in America, and we want to train people and hire American workers to fill those jobs,” Trump said. “And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

That’s also exactly what we’re doing at OpenClassrooms: pushing education boundaries with efficient and innovative solutions to close the skills gap.

Companies struggle to find their future talents, yet their growth depends on bringing new skills onboard. Governments have yet to find the solution to the unemployment issue. Traditional education lags behind, and the skills gap is widening year after year. We have to match their skill needs, bring millions of new hires globally, and provide great jobs for all.

Today OpenClassrooms is proud to launch a new global talent supply chain, tailored for global companies and governments.

Participants will get an employment contract, a salary from day one of their degree program and will also have their tuition fees fully covered.

Companies provide us with their global talent needs: 50 data scientists in New York, 30 UX designers in Berlin, 60 Android mobile developers in Singapore.

We build fully-online, company-tailored curricula, source candidates, provide on-the-job training, and award them with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. We call this new program “online apprenticeships”.

In this model, from day one, students are able to get a foot on the job ladder. Participants enrolled in online apprenticeships will split their time between online studies and a paid position within a company. Their curriculum is tightly linked to their company’s projects and they receive individual mentorship from experts in the field.

This month, OpenClassrooms launched a partnership with Capgemini, one of the world’s top IT service firms, to offer online apprenticeship contracts to its students. As some of the top tech employers in the world, Capgemini is the perfect springboard to put this new global talent supply chain into motion.

In a turbo-loaded version of the traditional apprenticeship model, now scalable and global, participants will get an employment contract, a salary from day one of their degree program and will also have their tuition fees fully covered.

A Strong Move Towards Flexibility

An efficient recruitment process needs flexibility. Traditional higher education apprenticeships can be cost-heavy and are hard to scale due to location constraints. With online apprenticeships, location is no longer a limiting factor and curricula can be adapted to the real needs of the company, resulting in an overall more cost-effective operation.

Students, too, can benefit from added flexibility. No longer campus-bound and able to contact their mentors online, students are able to adjust their schedules to best suit their needs and benefit from a tailored educational support system.

Scaling Up

With a great number of other apprenticeship schemes in the works for 2017, OpenClassrooms is gearing up to place thousands of candidates in various digital jobs. Over the next 24 months, our plan is to close the global digital skills gap via our 50 fully-online degree programs across the world, including UX design, data science, digital marketing and mobile development.

Ultimately, our hope is that our new and innovative catalyst for employability will help companies recruit job-ready tech talent at scale, that governments will address unemployment, whilst offering students and people in professional retraining the employment opportunities and skills they will need to succeed at little or no cost.

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