Two liquids merging
Two liquids merging
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This post is the product of collaboration between Gauntlet and Peteris Erins (Auditless) in the intersection of formal verification and incentive simulation. We thank Haseeb Qureshi and Charlie Noyes for their review feedback.

We believe that agent-based simulation can help analyze smart contracts and protocol behavior. But other methods exist, such as formal verification. Formal verification makes logical guarantees that appear stronger than the statistical guarantees of simulation. Is it better than incentive simulation at answering security questions we care about? In this post we explore formal verification and argue that it is a strong complement to simulation.

We will…

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In order to help up-and-coming enterprise Product Managers, I’ve put together a set of content that illustrates key breakthroughs in the practice of enterprise Product Management. My goal is to bootstrap anyone — an Engineer, Marketing Manager, aspiring Founder — who has found themselves promoted into a B2B Product Management role and make them effective from week 1.

Obviously, you will not reach your full potential as a Product Manager in one week. …

tl:dr; Around the Block is getting more personal and focused on long-term value for you. Subscribe to my personal newsletter for all new writing on crypto, tech and beyond!

Around the Block is now over five months old. I'm reflecting on what I've learned, what audience I want to be writing for and how this publication can be the best thing for you to read. I'm taking a number of steps to make sure this is true.

Writing every week has been a significant motivator to keep learning and synthesizing and has allowed me to get up to speed in…

In the 1930s, investment portfolios were allocated based on the perceived “goodness” of a company and the price in relation to that.

Robert F. Wiese is credited with inventing intrinsic value in “Investing for True Values” (1930).

The proper price of any security, whether a stock or bond, is the sum of all future income payments discounted at the current rate of interest in order to arrive at the present value.

Only one significant refinement was made by John Burr Williams in his 1938 book “The Theory of Investment Value”.

Earnings are only a means to an end, and the…

The Blockchain revolution started with a little white-paper in 2010. Since then, key ideas have been primarily expressed in this academic format. If you want to understand crypto technology, crypto economics as a developer, investor or enthusiast, you need to be able to effectively prioritize and read white-papers.

I have recently developed an approach to reading white-papers, driven by the latest thinking on effective learning, and want to share it in this note.

P.S.For those who enjoyed reading about naming systems last week and want to dive deeper into how ENS and Handshake work, I would recommend Imran Khan’s post

This issue is coming a week late as I spent some time in Santorini. Among other things, it allowed me to catch-up on reading, so in place of last week's issue, here is a tweet thread with all the relevant book reviews.

The Handshake Naming System was announced about a week ago and I think it's important to put it in the context of the history of naming.

If you're a visual person, feel free to skip to the table at the bottom.

The first names

The earliest recorded name for a person is believed to be “Kushim”, the signed…

🏛 Meltem Demirors launches a political campaign on Tezos. While much of the crypto community has been skeptical of Tezos, the betanet launched smoothly without much fanfare on Saturday, June 30th. While Tezos has many unique features that make is separate and distinct from other projects in the space, the one that’s least appreciated is its governance mechanism and approach to change. By Meltem Demirors.

🚨 Manifesto-based organisations. In the ideal world, every organization has a manifesto with its mission and values. Those values could be ranked, just like in the Aragon Manifesto. There could be a dapp that indexes…

· A blockchain the size of a few tweets. Coda is a new cryptocurrency that — no matter how many transactions are stored on its blockchain, or how complex those transactions are — processes transactions very quickly, with very little space required to verify the blockchain. By Michael Bogan.

🚪 The new 0x portal. As the number of tokens on public blockchains increases, we believe that many dozens of relayers will emerge to serve different market niches and communities. Portal provides a universal on-boarding flow that we think works well. In just three steps, your wallet is ready to trade…

🐈 Community Aggregation Theory. Existing valuation models of “work” tokens are wrong and fail to account for eventual commoditization. Communities that have customer loyalty could fork inefficient protocols, which means value will accrue in the currency governance layer. By Luke Duncan.

👐 Alternative Consensus models. Characteristics of alternative consensus models are summarized and compared.

🏦 Battle Testing Nexus Mutual Smart Contracts Pre-Launch. Nexus Mutual in collaboration with the Incentivai team completed an incentive simulation of their claims protocol. By Nexus Mutual.

🐇Etheremon move to Zilliqa for scalability. A 100x increase in gas prices has made the game unplayable. The…

🌏 Deloitte launches global blockchain survey. This survey has reached more than 1,000 blockchain savvy global executives across various industries with 74% seeing a compelling business case for blockchain. By Deloitte Digital.

💎 Ethereum token standards list. Comprehensive list of token standards for Ethereum. From the NFT proposal to royalty tokens.

🔎 Securify: a new smart contract scanner. An ETH Zurich spin-out have launched their first product, a public smart contract auditing tool. By TechCrunch.

SolidStamp: on-chain registry of smart contracts. SolidStamp allows smart contract users to verify if their contracts have passed smart contract audits. It also doubles…

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