A short story: 01/17

The birds alighted on three adjoining telephone lines, dipping towards the centre and mimicking a balancing act. A few blackbirds teetered back and forth cautiously. And, parliament was in session.

On the first agenda, the recent invasion of the Brookland shrubberies by an anonymous murder of crows, who refuse to share.

“It is an admonishment, those shrubberies have been in my family for four generations,” squaked an oddly sized blackbird, it could be said that it was actually a blue tit of paranormal colours.

The merle of blackbirds now began squaking in agreement, “HERE, HERE!”

‘Snap it!’ The largest bird, perched on the end of the last adjoining telephone line whistled. “Let us vote! Those in agreement of confronting the squatters, raise your wing!”

The majority of those present raised their wing in agreement, save a few pacifists and one who had his head firmly pressed under his wing, blissfully snoring away.

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