How and why the media is protecting the establishment in the election

If you think this article is going to be about a conspiracy to make Hillary Clinton president, you can stop reading here. The media, right and left, doesn’t really care. What they do care about is this: that you stay focused on the battle between Trump and Clinton. And although I know that it seems to be really important — and it’s really addictive — as long as you are watching this battle, the establishment is winning the war.

Here’s what’s happening:

Presidential candidates talk bullshit

Pardon my language, but that’s just the way it is.

Donald Trump promises he is going to throw out the establishment, build a great wall, fix the economy, rebuild America’s infrastructure and wipe out ISIS. Hillary Clinton promises that she is going to unite the country, make the economy stronger, rebuild infrastructure and destroy ISIS.

Neither of them can make his/her promises come true.

How do you mean?

I mean that while the president gets a veto, he cannot make those promises come true. When all’s said and done, the presidential election comes down to these thee questions:

1. Who do you want as Commander-in-Chief? (Nukes)

2. Who do you want to be the face of the USA to the world?

3. Who do you want to appoint the next Supreme Court Justices?

So who can make those promises come true?



Yep. Laws and budgets are made, passed and amended by the Senate and the House of Representatives, together Congress. Funnily enough, these are also the guys who let lobbyists from banks like Citigroup soften financial regulations.

Although the president can make plans and veto laws, neither Clinton nor Trump can make any promise come true without support from your Senators and Representatives.

Remember the plans Bernie had? None of them was going to make it through Congress. Never. Ever.

That’s ridiculous.

Perhaps, but that’s just American politics. Are you angry with Obama because he let the insurance companies write the Affordable Health Care Act, AKA Obamacare? That was because Democratic members of Congress wouldn’t have supported it otherwise. (No Republican supported it, because Obama = Evil/African/Muslim.)

Congress is filled with Democrats who are much more conservative than Hillary, and Republicans who are much more — I don’t really know which word to choose here, so I’m gonna go with normal — than Donald Trump.

Okay, let’s change that then!

Seriously? How many Senators do you know? Wait up, do you know how many Representatives there are in the House of Representatives? Do you know what they stand for?

Do you know who forced Obama to let those insurance companies write Obamacare? Who decided that Citigroup lobbyists were better suited to represent their voters’ interests? Who support campaign finance reform? Tax breaks for the rich? Trade agreements?

How should I know that?

For one, you could do a little research, but mostly: it is the responsibility of the media to be informing you about this. Let’s be honest: once you have decided about those three big questions, you don’t need to read a whole lot more about Clinton and Trump.

All those giant headlines you are seeing on the Huffington Post and Fox News could also focus on (potential) Senators and Representatives — and I don’t mean famous ones like Paul Ryan and Elizabeth Warren. I mean the people whose names you don’t know — Alma Adams, Justin Amash, Kelly Ayotte etc.

These are the people that decide on the future of America. These are the people that are protecting the one percent. And these are the people you should be watching.

But you don’t, because the media are showing you an epic battle between Crooked Hillary and Donald the Orangutan.

Why do they do that?

Well, when I wrote in the previous paragraph that the media have a responsibility to inform you about what’s really going on in Washington, I lied. Media companies are businesses and like all businesses, they have the responsibility to make money — this is the central rule of capitalism.

If the New York Times were to say: forget the presidential race for the next three months and focus on your local congressional race, what they’d basically be saying is: read about your race in your local newspaper. After all, even a newspaper as large as the NYT cannot report on 470 elections at the same time. Besides, people in Boston will care very little about a congressional race in Alabama, even if one of the candidates is Bradley Byrne.

Thus, they do the opposite: they make the race that affects everyone in America — and the rest of the world for that matter — as big as possible.


Actually, you are the problem. If you’ve already made up your mind about who you’re gonna vote for November 8 and you’re still clicking on articles about Trump or Hillary, then you are the problem. You are like a heroin addict and the New York Times is your dealer and like a proper addict, if the New York Times were to stop dealing, you’d run to the Washington Post. Just admit it, it’s okay. We’re all addicts here.

So, the media is protecting the establishment by distracting me from the really important elections — the ones about Congress — and they have to do that because if they don’t, I’m going to go somewhere else to get my daily dose of Trump vs. Clinton.

That’s it!

Sounds hopeless.

My quest to become a Jedi-knight is hopeless, but thanks to you, this is not. You see, now that you know the problem, you have the power to help solve it.

What do you want me to?

Here goes:

1. Cure your own addiction. If you’ve already made up your mind, stop reading all articles about Clinton and/or Trump.

2. Cure your own addiction. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, don’t read anything about Clinton or Trump until the last week of the election and/or watch a debate between.

3. Cure your own addiction. When Trump or Hillary is on the morning news, turn it off and call your mother.

4. Cure your own addiction. When a late night show host mentions either Trump of Hillary, switch to Gilmore Girls.

5. Cure your own addiction. Don’t share any YouTube videos featuring either Trump or Hillary with your friends.

6. Find a new hobby. Pick a couple of Senators and Congressmen and start following them.

7. Work on your hobby. When you get the urge to read about Trump or Clinton, do some reading about your new Congressmen instead.

8. Share your new hobby. Your gonna do a lot of dull reading, but when you do find cool/interesting/funny stuff, share it with your friends so that they too can see that there is more in life than Trump and Hillary.

9. Pray that America stills exist in 2024. (Hillary may have leased it to Goldman Sachs in the meantime, while Trump may have accidently set off all nuclear bombs. One never knows.)

10. Like and share this article to spread the word and help us cure the world of its addiction.