Bitcoin Forks: Ulterior Motives?
Steven Chen

how is this anything more than r/bitcoin propaganda?

I’ve been in bitcoin since 2009, your bias is overwhelmingly blatant and when a majority of your article is full of error, I’m left wondering if this is a genuine result of censorship or if you’re a shill for blockstream.

> Segwit 2x is not made by core developers ?

How is Jeff Garzik, one of the original bitcoin developers , not a core developer? Anyone can google “Jeff Garzik bitcoin core” to verify.

>This isn’t the first time the miners have tried to pull a similar political power move.

I was there for each of those alternate implementations. They were not miner power moves, but a grass roots movement started by CORE DEVELOPERS like Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn.

Non-coincidentally, exactly as bitcoin XT started to gain nodes and support of the community, r/bitcoin’s dictator Theymos created a new rule to censor all other implementations of bitcoin.
proof here

If this was an honest attempt at writing , then I’m saddened because you’re a result of the years of censorship and “moderation”. You’re unknowingly spreading FUD and doing harm to the bitcoin community.

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