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For this week I decided to create a tool to help my fellow students study for the final exam. By using the program Quizlet, a free study tool available online, I created a set of questions that let students test themselves on the information discussed throughout this class. Quizlet is a website where a student can input information, learnt in any class and the website provides the study tools, organizing it into flash cards, fill in the blanks, matching game, a testing section, and a timed game. All activities that I actually found to be extremely useful in helping me memorize different terms and definitions. I also quickly came to realize that creating the questions and corresponding answers additionally helped me study, simply because I was reading over and choosing the questions that I thought to be the most relevant. The program furthermore has the option to just scroll through the information before you get tested on it. The developers of this program also made Quizlet in an app, making studying on the go (or on the way to your exam), a thousand times easier and will let you throw all the unnecessary stray papers out and leave your textbooks at home!

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A feature of Quizlet that I think is probably the most useful is that the user can create multiple sets. Why I love this feature so much is because a student can create a tab for each subject they take and subsequently a tab for each topic covered in that subject, so that when you do go to study you are only studying the relevant information for that test. Something else that made the experience quiet enjoyable is that the interface is extremely user friendly. When you are a student and don’t have, or really want to spend, the time learning how to use a complex system with drop down menus. But instead want to spend the time actually studying, having a system that is simple and straightforward is a plus and if your cramming, like we all probably are, it is a necessity.

Or if you are someone who is extremely rushed and don’t have the time to even create your own question Quizlet still has tools for you. Located at the top of the site is a search bar where you can enter key phrases or try entering your course code all together and you are most likely going to get some hits. For example, I searched EID100 after creating my questions and found over 150 results, many which were probably made by people in my class! Someone had even posted a full review for both the midterm exam and the final.

By the end of my review of Quizlet I was actually extremely pleasantly surprised with the system. Although at the beginning I wouldn’t consider myself to use a study guide like this, at the end I pulled a full 180 and want to make sets for all the subjects I have final exams in.

Link to Quizlet:

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