Mondays and why I love them

So yes, I do know that today is not monday. But yesterday was and I was extremely busy, so I could not write about it.

Yesterday I woke up to a call from DHL saying they had a package for me. And hey, that sound pretty fun and interesting, right? Well, it was! It was a package I had been awaiting for 2 weeks now. It contained my beautiful watch strap samples (Yes, I am designing watches now). It was the best start of the day I could wish for! Of course I was super excited about trying these on. The only problem is that my watch case prototypes aren´t finished yet, so I needed to find someone with the right size on their lugs. It actually wasn´t that easy. There are so many watches that have difficult solutions when it comes to strap changing and the ones that had the decent option were 1 mm to big or small. Oh, well.

That was the first good thing about yesterday, another thing I love about Mondays are that every business is open. This way I get to send out all the weekend orders from LustBox, which is always fun. Nothing beats the joy of a new customer getting to explore your product. What is pretty cool about LustBox is that it is a mystery box for men. Our customers don´t know what they are actually buying. It is like a gift to yourself every month, and I am Santa Claus.

The last good thing about yesterday was that I managed to get a food sponsor for our upcoming pop-up store grand opening in Bergen for Black Friday. So now I only need a beverage sponsor, some awesome banners and a bunch of people to attend the event.

PS. I almost booked a flight for Iceland for today until Friday, but had to postpone it for December as my camera man who was going to film the trip was going to Marbella, Spain on Wednesday. However it was probably for the best, it might be smart to let the factory know you are arriving a few days ahead of time.

I will share some photos soon with you regarding the straps. If interested in the watches, then please check out