Garcinia Vita UK Adherents of ED are spamming Instagram and social networks. They are looking for “active and purposeful”, offering to start a “business without investments”, and in fact, join Garcinia Vita UK well-organized ranks of product distributors. Fables are told about Garcinia Vita UK unique properties of cocktails. Even being part of dextrose does not interfere with selling them as a means for losing weight. After all, she, according to sellers, “charges Garcinia Vita UK body with energy.” I must say that Garcinia Vita UK stars of show business and sports played an important role in promoting Energy Diet. Whoever did not advertise cocktails — Dmitry Dibrov, Lera Kudryavtseva, even Laris Dolin managed to engage, although before that she managed to lose weight on a kefir diet. But if TV presenters and artists may not understand what they are holding in their hands, then why PRO-athletes go to work with ED, it surprises many. Garcinia Vita UK reason, most likely, is that selling protein and other sports nutrition doesn’t earn as much as it does on an Energy Diet, especially if it is not just about advertising, but about long-term cooperation as a distributor. Sports nutrition has a certain audience, which is pretty well versed in Garcinia Vita UK composition of such products and is not ready to throw money away. Energy Diet has slightly different consumers — those who do not want to delve into anything and are ready to buy instant omelet at Garcinia Vita UK price of seafood, if they are promised that it will help them lose weight. Is it possible to lose weight on Energy Diet Energy Diet is a food substitute made popular by great marketers and their aggressive advertising techniques. In terms of composition, it is an ordinary mixture of cheap proteins and simple carbohydrates. Yes, Energy Diet helps control calories, because each serving contains energy values. However, nothing prevents you from using Garcinia Vita UK usual protein instead of Energy Diet, counting calories when cooking meals, or ordering ready meals at Garcinia Vita UK diet delivery services, where Garcinia Vita UK calorie content of Garcinia Vita UK diet is also calculated. To understand what a calorie deficit is, and how it can be used to lose weight, we recall Garcinia Vita UK basic course of dietetics.

Garcinia Vita UK A person receives from food Garcinia Vita UK energy that he needs for life: Garcinia Vita UK work of organs, movement and mental activity. Energy sources are proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU), which are found in various dishes and products. Calories contain absolutely everything, even alcohol. Broccoli soup 200 kcal An exception is special drinks with zero calories. Sweet taste due to sweetener. Everything else that we eat turns into energy, which we spend on various activities and life in general. Getting fat Now imagine that calories are a salary. Every day you spend money on food, transportation, housing, utilities, etc. In reality, this is Garcinia Vita UK expenditure of energy on walking, thinking, digesting food, and much more. So, if your salary exceeds expenses — you accumulate financial resources — calories. And where to put Garcinia Vita UK accumulated funds? True — they need to be put aside in reserve. In Garcinia Vita UK human body, you can save excess unused energy by creating fat stores. This is how you gain weight. Grow thin Everything is pretty simple. Now imagine that you are not paid as much as you would like. There is not enough money for your daily expenses, and therefore you have to spend your stash. In our case, its role is played by fat on Garcinia Vita UK abdomen, waist, hips. If you continue to receive less, you will begin to spend a stash, that is, accumulated fat. When you eat fewer calories than you need to cover energy costs, Garcinia Vita UK body creates a calorie deficit and Garcinia Vita UK body makes up for Garcinia Vita UK lack of energy from its fat stores. That is how you lose weight. Starting to lose weight correctly To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit — this is Garcinia Vita UK main rule for losing weight. It would seem that you need to start limiting yourself in nutrition, and Garcinia Vita UK problem is solved. Alas, not so simple. First of all, recall that you can create a calorie deficit in two ways: Eat less — cut calories from food (balance BZHU is not so important) To spend more — to train, to be active, not to sit still, to move a lot (you can eat at Garcinia Vita UK same time as before) Perfect weight loss is a reasonable combination of both methods, but often people choose one thing, for example, train a lot and eat very little.