Employee At 18 Entrepreneur At 23

……So it happened that I took the high road and opted to enroll in a full IT school which gave me the option of working while in school. This set the tone for me to at a very early age, understand the discrepancies that exist between what we are taught in school and what the work environment demands.

My first year at NIIT as a network engineering student, I was so eager to practice what I learnt in school such that I took the night shifts at work which enabled me to practice what I was being taught on the computers and the servers at work “need I mention we had the best high speed internet available” thus I buried myself in video tutorials and online courses to better my chances of being top of my class.

Fast forward the global recession hit the BPO industry, and after almost 3yrs of working I got laid off. Frankly it didn’t bother me that much, mainly because I still had school to finish and most importantly because of the knowledge and experience I had amassed at my previous job, I felt more than qualified to apply for any other.

After working for 3 more firms within a year, I found myself at the job which would seemingly define my career (P.S. one of the jobs I had was as a waiter in a restaurant and I sucked so bad that I got fired in a week😂);

I got a job as a system admin for a company at the kotoka international airport, the main arrival hall to be precise; this gave me the chance to see at first hand how foreigners were trooping into Ghana (prior to that I had my sights set on going to Sweden to further my education or just chill, Ghana was too hard); the sight of foreigners seeing Ghana as a ripe business destination awakened some curiosity in me;

I began doing extensive research on business, investment basically everything I needed to understand what business was and how it was like to run a business….it was at this stage that I chanced upon an opportunity to Build a software outsourcing firm just as was done in my very first job; it really was my”eureka moment”.

Not to burst your bubble but I realized I needed investment to do it and do it well; after pitching to a dozen investment firms including the Ghana Angel Investor Network( all of whom refused to invest in me) I called their bluff, took all my savings “around 9,000ghs” and PentiumTech Limited was born.

The rest as they say is history; what matters is the fact that 5 years on, PentiumTech is still here and by the grace of God our best days are yet to come!