Every Enterpreneur Needs a Wozniak

The first time I watched the movie “Steve Jobs”; I had to replay it 5 times! The movie might not be an accurate representation of Steve Jobs, but it’s an accurate representation of what every enterpreneur needs in their life; “A Wozniak”!

For the benefit of the tech novices, Steve Wozniak was Steve Jobs very good friend and co-founder at Apple; in fact he was the only one who could get Jobs to listen (which he rarely does).

Steve Jobs was a very strong headed enterpreneur, he had a huge ego and a lot of pride and oh his management skills were very brute; but in spite of all these, when everyone else was pointing accusing fingers at him and blaming him for the woes of Apple (back then), Steve Wozniak was the only person whom:

  • Did not succumb to the pressure from Jobs
  • Told Jobs the truth no matter how unattractive it seemed
  • Was ready to lend a listening ear when Jobs wanted someone to rant to
  • Gave Jobs that very much needed emotional backbone to keep him sane

Believe you me, if you set out to be an enterpreneur, one thing you need for certain is a strong support system and someone to lean on whenever there is crisis (which is everyday). Like Lisa Opoku (COO of Goldman Sachs) once told me: “The one thing that kept me going throughout my everchanging roles at Goldman Sachs was having a team who I could count on to execute my vision”.

So if you can’t afford a team, at least get yourself a Wozniak; it would do you a lot of good!