The Cisco Toronto Innovation Center

Every generation has those people who pursue to make this world better by taking an alternative route in their career. They prefer to innovate and create businesses that help others. With the startup business being very popular and difficult, innovation hubs have been popping up everywhere to assist these creative minds to start businesses. These hubs are being replicated everywhere around the world because we have found that innovation is the future.

Image Source: Cantech letter

The Cisco Toronto Innovation Center helps innovators get further with inspiration, innovation, and investment. They do this by getting the customers, partners, startups, and universities to become a single community. They allow innovators to work in an environment which is encouraging and filled with like minded people. This space helps startups by providing investments and connecting them with leaders of an industry to push their ideas to success.

Image Source: Cisco Women’s Entrepreneur Circle

They are proud to have a program called the Cisco Women’s Entrepreneur’s circle that assists women in Canada to run small and medium businesses by providing the resources needed for further growth.

Located right here in Toronto, gives many people the opportunity to pursue an idea which they never thought was possible. Innovation hubs encourage anyone with an innovative idea to help grow by using their resources. The connections that can be made with companies and like minded individuals can lead to investments and assistance in the growth of your idea.