Netiquette And Chill

What is netiquette you ask. Well its basically etiquette but on the internet. It is how you behave online when you interact with others on social networks, emails etc. When you’re at the dinner table eating with your mouth closed and not spitting food everywhere is good etiquette. Don’t only be polite in person, you can do it online too! Who doesn’t like a little respect?

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Did you know that everything you do online is recorded. It would probably be best to be careful about what you’re posting on the World Wide Web. Some things may come back to haunt you. When you are applying for a job, think about all the things you post online. Any employer can simply search up your name and find out everything about you. Quick! Private Everything! is probably what you’re thinking. It would be safer to just be respectful to everyone, encouraging and positive.

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Everyone loves Youtube, one of the best parts about it, is that you can comment on videos and communicate with people around the world. Its so awesome when people are able to talk to each other even though they are 5000km apart. The worst part is when those keyboard warriors are just spamming the comments with hate. They ruin the fun for everyone and it’s just not right. It’s bullying! Speak to people the way you would like to be spoken to. I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t like to be told to drink bleach. Be a nice person and have netiquette.

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Netiquette is the key to success in this digital age. Everything is being done online. If you want to know more about having good netiquette, check out this site: CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE