“Long-weekends” are the new Valentine’s Day

I have had a busy few weeks at work, with new client deliverables coming our way @Quaero along with a major product release underway. We are also amidst some aggressive team expansion and hiring is always PITA. Sleep has been a luxury I had to ration, and as a result I have come to discover all the post-midnight tea/coffee shops around Silk Board.

Needless to say, there’s been an ongoing blur-like feeling for quite some time now and I was only recently jolted out of that with the advent of every Indian working professionals’ dream-come-true: “long weekend”.

Now it’s not like I wasn’t aware of the incoming! I had made sure to mark my calendar with the Google-Maps-Bangalore-traffic-shade-of-red as soon as I’d received the “2016-List of Holidays.xls” (winner of Best Excel File Award, ever since Excel was invented) from my org’s HR. I also remembered all those times I deleted the umpteen messages I received from Ixigo/MMT/GoIbibo asking me to do something sometime soon, which come to think of it, might have been about this.

Long story cut Trump’s palm size, I breezed through the L-weekend buzz and consequently here I am, feeling roughly like a guy who arrived to a party on time, only to realize that they gave him the wrong address. My roommate took off, and so did my colleague, and my friends, and the neighbors, and the newspaper-wala, and the doodhwala, and the bai-didi. Somehow everyone was bit by the Mallya bug at once. Now I don’t know about rest of the junta, and maybe it’s just my lonely 17th floor apartment getting to me, but don’t you think this is reminiscent of the hype that used to surround Valentine’s day? You know,when we were teenagers (all the readers born after year 2000, don’t even try, you’ve got no idea what it was like)?

Here’s how I see the similarities:

The weekdays prior to the D-Day (V-day and L-day in this context) are spent in a build up. Remember Hug day?
There’s a phenomenal increase in the number of people trying to market themselves into your pants/pockets.
Male homo sapiens start hunting female homo sapiens with frenzy only rivaled by Pokemon Go players hunting Dragonites. Nobody wants a sausage-fest in their cars on a road trip after all.
All hotels and inns are overbooked. Seriously, even Hotel Decent will be charging you an arm and a limb for a room. Ahem, double occupancy room.
The world around you get’s split into the haves and have-nots at the stroke of midnight. Pun unintended. You either have an outing plan or you don’t. You either have a date or you are in IIT. Simple.
Somebody always ends up unsatisfied; there’s always wishing for a longer one. ;)
Well, eff it. I have Pulp Fiction. And the Premier League. Now can anyone tell me what has this scene got to do with the West Brom football club?
Put Funda. I miss my Quizzing days :(