RE: President Obama Announces New Partnership with the Private Sector to Strengthen America’s Small Businesses; Renews the Federal Government’s QuickPay Initiative

As a part of his Year of Action, the President is using the power of his pen and phone wherever he can on behalf of the American people to create jobs and help hard-working Americans get ahead. Today, the President will announce the creation of SupplierPay, a new partnership with the private sector to strengthen small businesses by increasing their working capital, so they can grow their businesses and hire more workers.

To launch SupplierPay, the President is bringing together 26 companies — both large and small — that have committed to the initiative. For the larger companies, joining SupplierPay demonstrates a recognition that a healthy supply chain is good for business. For the small business suppliers, benefiting from SupplierPay means having more capital to invest in new opportunities, new equipment, and new hiring.

President Obama, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, National Economic Council Director Jeff Zients, and Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet will host a meeting at the White House today with these businesses and their suppliers to discuss what more can be done to strengthen small businesses, building on the successes of the QuickPay program.

Executive Summary

Before we became PAAVE, we’ve been penetrating the arts and vending industry since 1988, with creative ingenuity and innovation to market high quality products and services through our exclusive contracts, freelance and/or commissioned agreements — while giving back to youth and whole communities.

PAAVE Inc. is a venture within the Arts, design and other creative professions — specializing in and trained extensively in branding solutions involving art, multimedia, illustration, graphics, digital printing, airbrush/silkscreen, mural design and other viable disciplines.

With these contracts, percentages from direct sales help fund personalized community programs including instructional workshops, projects and events with a special emphasis on whole community development. The rewards of exploring with people in The Arts, Culture, Science, Math, Technology, Communications and Entrepreneurship, by closing the digital divide, and by exposing them to a variety of art, design and media platforms in theory and practice is priceless.

A contractual business partnership with MHCDO, Inc. would catapult entrepreneurship into a community-wide socio-economic venture incorporating both; the for and not for profit sectors, through a synergy of capacity building strategies from a minority- diversity supplier perspective.

Therefore, to establish a strategic alliance with Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, we expect to easily exceed our financial and charitable forecasts from within the community we live, work and play!

P.A.A.V.E The Way Inc.

Proposal to introduce PAAVE “Build A Brand,” an art, graphic design, digital print + photography center, providing full design and printing service at affordable prices.

Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and others who contain an antiquated, resource — draining copying center are desperately trying to figure out how to stay afloat, while meeting the creative demands of their customers — whereas, we have exceeded competitive expectations regarding our efficiently operated and cost savings venture in “Build A Brand” a mobile Graphic Design, Digital Print + Photographic service center to be located at Marshall Heights Community Development Organization where we have a Design and Digital Print Staging Center — operated exclusively by PAAVEmgmt; offering the public and private sectors graphic + web + print and photographic services i.e. business cards, flyers, banners, brochures, stationery, publication and digital layout, custom or commercial brand identity in logos, website development, silkscreen or promotional items, (some by orders only) and are done by experienced and professional artist and designers in the field.

The aim here is to establish a working presence (onsite) — to heighten the corporate or organizational identity of our existing and prospective clients — also reinforces our collective strategies to attracting new customers through our cross-marketability approach to contribute percentages from direct sales to MHCDO, Inc. as a sustainability model in Ward 7.

Whereas, registered nonprofits and other tax exempt organizations can also benefit — by becoming a “Build A Brand” account holder, expands product deliverables and compliments community involvement. Small businesses, religious, nonprofit groups, schools, recreation sites and others, will have direct access to experienced art, design and communications associates — at MHCDO through PAAVE “Build A Brand,” a complete and innovative approach to community involvement in small business and entrepreneurial development.

The objective here — is not only about providing business solutions, but to also offer attractive community — based entrepreneurial workshops. With this approach, PAAVE “Build A Brand’s” graphics, print + photographic center will allow us to directly communicate with area prospects of owning or operating small businesses or otherwise, where these will enjoy exclusive benefits, discounts and deductions from our products and services, utilizing an initial start up of $50.000 — affords for the purchase of select design equipment, software, inventory and administrator/instructor to stage a fully-operational Graphic, Digital Print, Photography and Entrepreneurial Hub.

In doing so, our continued contribution to the Art, Design and Printing Industry allows us more of a social responsible contribution to assist as many residents, small businesses and entrepreneurs as possible through partnering with other people serving groups and organizations — to spur innovation and job growth in Ward 7 and 8.

As an incubator of new business and design components, incorporating entrepreneurial workshops at Marshall Heights Community Development Organization — introducing residents to innovative business solutions from brand development and everything in between.

The Company

P.A.A.V.E The way inc. is an acronym for Professional Artist Against Violence Everywhere, was established on the premise that; The Arts, Culture, Education, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship and those who create it — may contain innovative insights into providing innovative solutions to education, social, health, stability, service, charity and entrepreneurship respectfully.

One of PAAVE’s primary objectives are to facilitate Initiatives consistent with advancing the Brand, (it’s financial health, administrative, management, systems, and strategies) of our partners that have education, art & design, media, communications, technology and/or social entrepreneurship within their central missions. At PAAVE, our individual and collective accomplishments throughout the Art & Entertainment industries have catapulted this Suite of Artist & Designers into Action!

We want the region’s good organizations and institutions to become great ones, and we want great organizations and institutions to achieve Stardom.

Name of Program:

PAAVE Build a Business — Brand Development | Design + Digital Print Elements

Program Dates and Times:

Monday thru Saturday — 9am to 5:00pm

Funding Category:

Grant — $50,000

Targeted Areas:

Ward 7

Program Location(s):


Washington, DC

Number of Participants:

DC Residents and Local Businesses

Measurable Outcomes:

(CDP) The Cultural Data Project offers a powerful online management tool designed to strengthen arts and cultural organizations. This groundbreaking project gathers reliable, longitudinal data on the sector. Our emerging national standard enables participating organizations to track trends and benchmark their progress through sophisticated reporting tools, empowers researchers and advocates with information to make the case for arts and culture, and equips funders with data to plan and evaluate grantmaking activities more effectively. — See more at:


P.A.A.V.E. The Way Inc. EIN: 46–1609334 | DUNS: 07–986–4798

Contractor — US Government Federal Contractor:

  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
  • FFATA Sub-Award Reporting System (FSRS)
  • SAM | System for Award Management 1.0
  • HUD/CoC
  • HUDExchange
  • eSNAP
  • GSA Schedule
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