Usain Bolt

If you bring Usain Bolt up in a conversation, people are going to know who you are talking about. Usain Bolt, the Olympian. While racing in Rio, in 2016 he added three gold medals to his name for a total of nine. Until recently, he had to return one of his gold medals bringing his number back down to eight.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain bolt and 3 other teammates participated in the 4x100 meter race. His teams were Nesta Carter, Asafa Powell, and Michael Frater. They not only won the race but they had set a new world recorded at 37.10 seconds.

There was a lot of disappointment recently. International Olympic Committee retested Carters’ sample from the 2008 Olympic games and found traces of methylhexaneamine, which was banned in 2004. The Olympics had a rule that if one teammate was found with any drug in their system, the whole relay team would be disqualified. All four of the Olympians had to give back their hard earned gold medals. Bolt said that it was heartbreaking but not a problem to do so.

Should Carters teammates be punished for his actions? I believe that if they had no clue that their teammate was taking drugs they should not get punished. They put lots of training and hard work into earning that gold medal. Asafa Powell, Michael Frater and Usain Bolt all deserve their gold medal.

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