Ransomware Negotiator: The Human Weapon In A Digital

Kidnappings for ransom have been dramatized on television and in the movies and detailed on the news. Heck, even Julius Caesar was once kidnapped by pirates, held for ransom and even lived to document his tale for the history books.

While the methods are literally as old as ancient history, cyber security experts are now looking to the kidnapping and ransom industry to better understand how to deal with the growing threat of ransomware, which is now a billion dollar a year industry.

“Ransomware is less about technological sophistication and more about exploitation of the human element,” a report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology said. “Simply, it is a digital spin on a centuries-old criminal tactic.”

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As ransomware continues to become a nightmare for hospitals, police stations, businesses and home users, it’s also showing the need for a new cyber security job: Ransomware negotiator. source