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‘E.T.’ screenwriter Melissa Mathison dies after battling with cancer

Melissa Mathison, well-known 65-year-old screenwriter passed away on Wednesday night. Through her 30-year career there has been a constant battle in her life with neuroendocrine cancer. History will remember her for fleshing out the film of E.T., which became one of the highest streaming of all time.

‘Spectre’ review: Solid Bond movie more high art than pop art

Bond’s action sequence is nothing to compare to others because nobody does it better. “Spectre” seems to be an attempted move for higher art and away from pop art. While opening sequence enhances vibrant photography, the rest of the movie is ready for a lot of darkness and depth in the process.

John Leguizamo boycotting ‘SNL’ over Trump appearance

Comedian John Leguizamo openly spoke about his thoughts on how he found it hurtful and insulting that SNL and NBC would have Trump on their show. He described Trump’s comments on Mexican people as “hate mongering.” There have been other politicians that have criticized NBC for allowing Trump to host the show.

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