CNA: Tech news

New Camera captures invisible details, sees through the skin of fruit

A never before seen camera might be coming up as the new game changer for smartphones. Microsoft Research is currently teaming up with University of Washington to create the invisible camera , mostly known as the naked eye. It will be able to capture the most unknown details on any object.

Teens even more in love with iPhones than ever, survey says

Looks like iPhones have became the new TV for teenagers now a days. It’s becoming harder for teenagers to detach themselves from social media especially. Studies show iPhones have been in the top rank for the past 6 months.

No hands needed! Tesla updates cars with autopilot

Tesla cars have incorporated self-steering into their cars and test drives are being done to ensure safety. Not a lot of information has leaked but it looks like it is a dream come true for many drivers. It is time to be able to eat and drink your favorite beverage peacefully but with precaution.

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