In this series of articles, we explore features and techniques which may help developers starting or currently using Kotlin. In it, we compare them with their relevant ones in Java as many of us are moving forward from it.

We also look at the reasons behind some of the features…

Part of the 3 peaks challenge, last leg going to Snowdonia

For the last two and a half years, at Moonpig/Photobox, I’ve been part of a great team dedicated to creating mobile solutions, always aiming for code and UI/UX quality. Now, it’s come the time to say goodbye and move on to new frontiers.

I started as part of a (brand…

Android Themes are not very intuitive, and I bet I’m not the only one that has spent a whole evening scratching my head figuring out why something that, on the surface, should be working is not. The documentation is scarce and confusing. Especially regarding style and theme inheritance.

There are…

Loading bars and spinners are so last decade. And for a good reason. They can break the flow of a website or app. Facebook, for instance, started showing a “ghost” of what the content will look like:

The concept provides a smoother transition from the loading state to the actual…


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