Day 13 — Hosteen Coyote [Reversed]

“The essence of this card is action in all forms and phases; the electric charge of constant creation. Being creative, the trickster has no conscience…”

I’m an urban planner by profession. I came upon it by accident. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after High School but I knew I was going back to school. I liked politics, social justice, economics, etc. Basically anything but Math. I considered retail management but my cousin Lil told me to reconsider. I though about business management but I hated finance people. So urban planning it was. I didn’t really know what it was but I knew it was multidisciplinary.

I’m telling you this because planning makes sense for me. I plan. I’m deliberate. I think and then overthink. I’m a really good critic. I can find a wrong with everything. I can get bogged down on details to the point of paralysis. But those final plans are going to be tight!

I don’t want to be a planner. I didn’t like working for the City of Toronto. The job was mind-numbing and I really felt like a permit pusher. I was good at it and was told that I had a future. But I hated it. I’m still a planner in practice and the allure of the Hosteen Coyote draws me often. I want to be the creative. I want to be an artist. Someone who just makes and does. Someone who is guided by passion and creativity. I admire artists, creatives, doers and makers. But I’m a planner.

[Picture is a process pic of a mural that I commissioned for school. Done by a sick artist who I admire -> Cekis]

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